American Mobster: Retribution



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zidenejbl 1 / 10

worst movie i ever seen

I am very sorry to my self that i waste time watching this movie .. everything is bad . Actor's, derector, music, script... i think if they change the title to '' one dollar movie budget'' it will be better .. sometimes i notice a mistake or two in one single movie but in this.. he will be in Guinness record ... and please someone explain to me who and haw they give it 7/10.

Reviewed by ismailfemto 2 / 10

What's this sh**

Couldn't even complete the movie how did this waste of the movie get 7/10????!

Boring story, tooooo long non-sense scenes.

Reviewed by amiles72 3 / 10

Don't bother, if you like gangster movies. This is one to avoid.

With scripts, scenes and dialogue ripped and twisted from all the gangster movies and series The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, The Sopranos we find the protagonist performing various impersonations throughout. Poor acting and a bad plot add to the problems. Most of the budget was blown on the detail and decorations for the Nick's birthday party at the beginning leaving just enough for a drone and then it's downhill from thereon, it feels as if every scene was shot in a single take resulting in glaring mistakes.

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