American Crude


Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 13%
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Missi Pyle as Gigi
Cam Gigandet as Kip Adams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kloda007 1 / 10

do not watch this movie!

even a review would be a waste of time, but i'll give you the important bits: this is one of the most poorly written films i have ever seen.

the fact that so many decent actors/comedians are in it is beyond me. i can't explain how they suckered these guys into regurgitating the terrible dialog.

the story goes nowhere, takes forever, and basically sucks.

no one is like-able, there is no hero, no bad guy, just nothing.

it is a vapid, useless, and moronic film, and THE ABSOLUTE WORST attempt at making a dark comedy i have ever seen in my entire life.

from the script, to the editing, to the directing, absolutely everything is painful.

please, save yourself, do not watch this movie.

Reviewed by Zaphod2000 1 / 10 of the worst movies ever....

Well ,after watching it last night I've decided to write an honest review for it. First of all ,it's another kind of dumb movies with too much characters and too much plots ,not mentioning expensive cast (including Rob Schneider ,Missy Pyle....that's already an unreliable movie...). The whole story is a ridiculous and so called/suppose to be a crossroad of the plots--which never really met each other--it's a dead end ,not mentioning how predictable ,uninpired and unoriginal it is. And besides ,the whole mood during the movie was as if the whole thing was a random sequence of events. Second ,it's way too hyped and way too highly overrated--it's just another commercial trick...avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 / 10

Unpleasant and Unfunny Tale about North America's Scumbags

The criminal Carlos (Jennifer Esposito) breaks out from prison and her pimp Felonious Spinks (Michael Clarke Duncan) drives the runaway car. Carlos seeks revenge against the criminal Henrique, who raped and introduced her to prostitution.

The smalltime crook Johnny (Ron Livingston) is married with Jane (Cynthia Watros), but he is still fancy Olivia (Amanda Detmer) that is the love of his life and will marry his best friend Bill (Rob Schneider). Johnny organizes a bachelor party for Bill with their friend Phil (Eric Stonestreet) while Jane organizes a shower for Olivia.

Johnny's father is the pedophile Mr. Grand (Raymond J. Barry) that sells abducted teenagers to Henrique. Mr. Grand has injured his wife when she asked for the divorce and now she is crippled. Johnny plots a scheme with the travesty Gigi LaRush (Missi Pyle) to separate Olivia from Bill and is negotiating fake passports with Carlos and Spinks. But when Bill and Gigi are arrested by a police officer and Mr. Grand kidnaps Tammy Snow, the lives of these players are entwined with tragic consequences.

"American Crude" is an unpleasant and unfunny tale about North America's scumbags that have their lives entwined after a tragic event. There is pedophilia, travesty, betrayal, fellatio, robbery, murder, lesbianism and the genre is very confused, apparently a black comedy. Maybe with Guy Ritchie in the direction, "American Crude" might have worked. But the debut of Craig Sheffer in a feature is awful since he directs this movie with very "heavy hand" and the humor never works. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Escolhas Erradas" ("Wrong Choices")

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