Always and Forever


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 427


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Barbara Eden as Mary Anderson
Rena Sofer as Grace Holland
Colton Haynes as Scott Holland
David Lascher as Gabe Sanchez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 8 / 10

Always and Forever-So Nicely Predictable ***

Entertaining albeit a highly predictable film dealing with a recurrence after a teenage romance of 20 years before.

Ironically, both are brought together by their high school reunion and their discovery that they're working on the same project- the fixing up of a hotel.

Barbara Eden displays some wonders in her mother role. She becomes a "genie" once again at the end of the film.

Our loving couple both have been burned once in failed marriages during the interim 20 years. She has a boyfriend as well as a teenage son.

Who played the father, the husband to Barbara Eden? He was incredibly dull and just spilled his lines out without any emotion whatsoever.

We know where this is leading to. Enjoyable, but we've seen this so many times.

Reviewed by conleytgwinn 5 / 10

High School Romance Revisited

Good characters and a fair plot line. Why do I feel empty after-wards?

Well, mostly because I liked the romantic protagonists and a lot of the surrounding players, but I think a less meddlesome Barbara Eden would have done wonders for the movie. Had Barbara followed her movie husband's advice, the romance that was visible could have seemed so much less contrived. The same end could have been achieved in far less time, with fewer commercial breaks required, and I could have watched something else on Hallmark as well in my limited time for formula Hallmark. Seen in other reviews as a plus for the movie, I must loudly disagree with that section of the script which insisted that I should want to eliminate a lovely Barbara, whom I still adore, from the production in order to facilitate better storytelling.

Reviewed by MIamiReviewer 4 / 10

Nothing happens in this movie

I love me some Hallmark Sunday afternoon movies.

However, I have put this movie on on probably 6 separate occasions (it reruns a lot) and every time i lose interest before the halfway mark -- because absolutely nothing happens in this movie. There is no conflict, no obstacle to overcome. Except that they just have to finally get around to saying that they still love each other. The acting is probably fine. The actors are quite pretty. But it's like having to listen to your best friend, every single time you see her, talk about how she's not sure if she should move in with her totally fine but not fantastic boyfriend boyfriend. You just don't care that much, and it just doesn't matter. Arghhh i want my two hours back!

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