Alone Across the Arctic


Adventure / Documentary

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 169

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by westsideschl 6 / 10

Some Good Insights: Some Questionable

Yes, it's a rare person to handle the loneliness and physicality and sacrifice to carry two heavy packs and pull/paddle/pole/portage a canoe over challenging terrain for thousands of miles while battling mosquitoes & large biting flies, and the weather, and the unknown of predators. On the other hand the GoPro camera seldom showed the awesomeness of the journey's beauties; mostly we see close ups of our traveler. But then, too, handling a camera while handling everything else is asking a lot. Would have been interesting to know what percentage of the journey was paddling up; paddling down; paddling flat; poling & sail enhanced. What percentage was portaging between water sources. I have no problem with the plane drop of supplies, but outside of a couple of eating berries I didn't see any serious food gathering. Also, I don't think he should be critical, without knowing why, other travelers left their gear.

Reviewed by JohnFlowBotts 6 / 10

Basics? Food and Water?

I applaud this person for documenting the journey, but without a brief and early explanation of how he ate, drank or covered himself - for the first couple days. It lost me. I'm sure the journey was awesome but I mostly wanted to know the answers to the first few basic questions, earlier. Thank you!

Reviewed by LeanneBarker 10 / 10

A Beautiful Melancholy

A beautiful melancholy of the stubborn perseverance when you challenge yourself to meet up to your own personal standards and let everybody watch the raw emotions of you completing your goal. WOW. I felt like I was in the moments with him, when he'd discover the unexpected barriers of days or marsh crossings, canyons, rocks... ice forever... and the will to persevere, despite knowing you're not really doing it for any other reason than to just complete it, because you've come this far- but it's hell... it's been hell, and everyone is behind you, whatever you decide- but they expect you to surrender- because you know it's been HELL, but you just keep going forward - eventually asking yourself, WHY? Why go on. Is this worth it?

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