Alien Contactee



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dkqdvx 1 / 10

Rubbish - Reviews

We started watching this because of the high reviews on IMDB. Unfortunately, many of the reviews seem to be bad. If you click on each account, you'll see that they have only left one review for this documentary.

The documentary follows "Dr Turi" telling a really detailed, boring, long account of his encounters with aliens. The cheesy background stock music doesn't help with his storytelling. It's almost like he's trying to promote himself and sell some sort of life coaching course.

The documentary lakes substance, has very low production value and was inaccurate. For example, at the beginning of the documentary, "Dr Turi" mentions "The Grand Hotel" in Eastbourne. This hotel is in fact in Brighton (as shown in the footage). The lack of research here made us question the authenticity of the documentary.

Utter rubbish, don't waste your time.

Reviewed by mariopedrosousa 1 / 10

How can someone believe this guy?

This guy has the same level of credibility of a...wait, I don't even know how to scale it. But he hits the bottom. So bad, so full of BS. Leave this "documentary" alone, waiting for it to disapear.

Reviewed by sakulin 1 / 10

Amazing How Gullible People Are

What nonsense. Sorta like listening to a TV preacher interpreting the Book of Revelations. This Turi character is a total phony, an astrology nut and a (marginal) motivational speaker. He calls himself a doctor but his only legitimate piece of paper is a certificate in welding. WELDING! He claims a doctorate in metaphysics which he bought from a diploma mill in Sacramento.

He has had alien encounters? Consider that the only people who claim such encounters are yokels who always relate that the aliens primary interest is in their private parts. It's similar to medieval claims of seeing the Virgin Mary with the claims always made by ignorant young country girls. Do we ever hear of aliens making contacts with professors at universities? .

Turi claims his first encounter is with some "big" aliens in a bar late at night. Any society capable of space travel would be, intellectually, far superior to those of us on Earth. Why would they be in a bar late at night waiting for teenage Turi and asking him if he wanted to play cards?

Reading other reviews on here it appears that this guy has a cult following. How naive can you all be? In my local newspaper the astrology forecasts are appropriately on the same page as the comics.

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