Alcatraz Prison Escape: Deathbed Confession


Action / Crime

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 170

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Danny Trejo as Narrator
Ed O'Ross as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gregorio417 2 / 10

Don't waste 1hr 15min of your life

I thought the Blair Witch Project was better made and more believable.

Spoiler alert: it sucked

Reviewed by khemmens-78186 4 / 10

Another snipe hunt ending with a shaft to the nether regions

Just One Word. METAL DETECTOR!. How could U.S. Marshalls go to an alleged grave site where the murderer said he buried horseshoes over the grave and not take a metal detector. I also like how on the day they first found the site they saw no nails in the trees and after a day where they sat in their hotel room and babbled about nothing of consequence they go back out to the grave site and lo and behold nails appear in the tree trunks. If this is the caliber of folks we have for U.S. Marshall's we're all in trouble except for crooks ad murderers. Let me close with these words; chicanery, skullduckery, flimflannery and outright FRAUD. Danny, bro I know you need the money but have enough dignity to lie a little more convincingly next time. I still gave it a 4 'cause it's Danny Trejo y'all.

Reviewed by jimgerran-1 5 / 10

Not bad, if you are looking for fiction

There is a completely new theory out there, I won't get into that, but that same Marshall is on the other story, It is way more believable than this one.

Alcatraz, the search for truth.

The Marshall looks 10-15 years younger in this, when I saw this available on Amazon Prime, it said it came out in 2017. I figured it was the same story. Then it went in a new direction, so not sure how this came out this late, and this close to the other story. (IMDB says 2015)

Parts I think were true: * I do think they got away, as not one body, not one piece of clothe, nothing was found of them. Which by all accounts is rare. * I think the Alan West part of the story is true. * and I think the it not being a secret in the jail before it happened, is essentially true. reason for saying this story is total non-sense, is there it would be impossible for 10-20 people to keep this a secret. For 50+ years, a Clint Eastwood movie about it, nuns, multiple prison guards, the uncle of the narrator, the family members that raised 60k (=$482k,, today), PLUS paid off the guards? Give me a break.

IMO, that is enough.There were way too many people in on this, but also, why would you take a boat all the way to Seattle? If I was the getaway guys, I'd want to get them an hour or 2 up the coast, and get on land no where near SF. Not still be on a boat for the next day, or so. SF could've called the coast guard. Its 800 miles from SF-SEA, even if they had a boat that went 50 mph, it would take 16 hours.

I hope I can edit and add later, as there were other things that didn't add up.

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