Albino Alligator


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 7586

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Viggo Mortensen as Guy Foucard
Faye Dunaway as Janet Boudreaux
Skeet Ulrich as Danny Boudreaux
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Predrag 7 / 10

Say What....?

This movie plays like a play and tellingly the best performances come from the stage actors. Gary Sinise delivers a controlled performance that demonstrates the humanity of his character, while William Fichtner manages to carry the bulk of the humor and the horror without going over the top. The script and Spacey's direction keep the tension high despite being confined to one room for much of the movie. The film deals with a botched heist (not the sort of story-line that is exactly lacking in Hollywood these days) and the relationships between the three main criminals. What we see is the thin lines between loyalty and survival, and the great lengths some will go to ensure their own preservation, even at the expense of those closest to them.

There are moments in intense drama throughout the film, and a climax that you probably won't see coming, but overall, Albino Alligator reminds me of that glass of water in the middle of the night. Spacey lacks the ability to create a lot of tension and keep it going. The characters are mostly chatting away, trying to think of a plan... and they're to calm and too articulate. There's even a scene where the crooks are playing pool with a whole swarm of armed cops right outside, ready to strike. At one point, one of the crooks even call the police who are right outside the bar. It's refreshing, but with flaws...

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by PimpinAinttEasy 6 / 10

Unimaginative direction by Spacey ruined this potentially great film .....

Dear Kevin Spacey,

you had everything a director could ask for. This film has a great setting - a bar in New Orleans. A great story - a hostage thriller inside a bar but the patrons and staff at the bar are not what they seem like. There is a brilliant twist as well. The dialogues were great. It has a great cast - Matt Dillon, Faye Dunaway, Viggo Mortensen, Emmet Walsh and William Fichtner. What could go wrong? Well, the direction was crap. I mean how scenes were shot. Where the camera is placed. How tension is built. What the actors are doing. How the scenes are edited. How the background score was used. All of this contributes to making a film great. You failed in all these areas, Kevin.

The film did begin with a bang. The action scenes were terrific. But the drama inside the bar soon becomes uninteresting due to bad direction. And the actors mumbled too much at times. The scenes outside the bar with the police officers and the news reporters were not particularly well written. I am not saying it was utter crap. It was interesting for a while. This is another film Tarantino might have been inspired by when he made The Hateful Eight.

Best Regards, Pimpin.


Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 4 / 10

Talk, Talk, Talk About Your Missed Opportunities

Exhibit "A" of How a Film Can Fail to be Better than the Some of its Parts. Every Character is Portrayed by a Name Talent, the Director is an A-List Character Actor, the Writer is of Note. So What Went Wrong?

Almost Everything. The Pacing is Slower than Slow. There are Pregnant Pauses that Reek of "Look at Me" Craftsmanship. Almost Anything of Significance Takes Place Off Screen. The Camera Turns Away from the Violence. Etc. Etc.

The Whole Cast is Virtually Wasted and Wanting. Especially Viggo Mortensen with a Strained Accent. The Dialog is Pedestrian and Less Than Insightful About Anything or Anybody on Screen. Some of it Makes Little Sense in the Scheme of It All as Both Hostages and Criminals Scheme to Survive and the Ending is Less Than Satisfying.

The Best Thing About This Thing is the Design of the Bar that has Some Pretty Cool Gangster Era Movie Posters. Sheesh...Hardly a Recommendation.

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