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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tenshi_ippikiookami 4 / 10

The haunted doorplate

Yurika lives in a condominium with her family. One day, the letter F appears on the doorplate of her flat. And her best friend dies in an accident. And strange things start to happen. What is going on?

"Eyes" is your run-of-the-mill Japanese horror movie. It has the high schooler, it has the little child (in this case a brother), it has the not very subtle ties to family relationships, and it has some random woman with long black hair. And even if it tries to be original and offer some twists on an old formula, the truth is that the movie can't sustain its flimsy plot. Things make little sense, the mystery is quite lame, and the acting is not crème de la crème.

Some points for atmosphere, though. It will entertain you if you are in the mood, but you will forget it even while watching it. Not the best J-horror.

Reviewed by Mischiefboi 4 / 10

Eyes is wrong name for this movie

The first 2 minutes drove me nuts trying to figure out who was dead and who wasn't. You know movies like these always have them. I got everything figured out and set back to watch what I hoped to be an interesting movie.

Oh, Boy. I was wrong. My hopes were dashed.

Cast: Hysterical Teen Crazy mom: Enabling Dad: Little Brother, plus "extras"

HT missed her bus. Her best friend, N, waited for her. N got on second bus to school, no HT. We all know what happen to that bus. Geek Boy didn't get on the bus, changed the fate of N. Like GB is the center of the universe. HT holds her head and screams while in class. Sees best friend.

CM doesn't care about the bus crash or anything in this movie. Just the English letters that keep appearing by the door. It also appears on neighbors door plates, but she doesn't care about that. Has hissy fit every time she thinks there is a letter out there waiting to be discovered. CM yells and is a harpy through out the movie.

Appearances of long hair boogedy- boo for no reason other then it's a Japanese movie.

HT has 5 minutes straight crying, screaming session with LB. Turn the volumn down, you won't miss a thing. She got on my freaking nerves thru the entire movie.

ED Leaves. CM Jumps. ED comes back. The end. The very ending made no sense at all. HT just stood there looking stupid. Whatever. 4 stars because I felt sorry for the movie

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