Across the Tracks


Action / Drama / Sport

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Ricky Schroder as Billy Maloney
Willie Garson as Salesman
Cyril O'Reilly as Coach Ryder
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christophaskell 6 / 10

Brad Pitt and Ricky Schroder, what else do you need?

Joe Maloney (Brad Pitt) is an all-star runner on his high school track team. Billy Maloney (Rick Schroder) is a troubled youth who is in with the law, and about to be kicked out of the family. Trying to be a good older brother, Joe asks Billy if he wants to run with him in the mornings before school. Billy gives it a shot, and much to everyone's surprise turns out to be quite a little runner. Joe convinces Billy to try out for his schools track team (Billy is in a different school because he's caused too much trouble in previous ones) and it's a good thing he does, because that sets up the rest of the movie. It's a pretty cliché tale of everyone struggling but overcoming their inner demons at just the right moment. Carrie Snodgress does do a great job as the mom who refuses to move on from the point where her husband died. Overall, I'd say it is worth a shot; you won't learn anything new but you will feel better about yourself and life around you. As a last thought, the only problem I had was that as soon as the protagonist made the decision to change they didn't have to face the past. So the movie was a little fantastical that way, but that can be pretty easily overlooked. Rating: 24/40

Reviewed by QulkSiLvR 10 / 10

Greatest Film Ever Made...

...okay, not really. But still, this Ricky Schroder/Brad Pitt production (made when Schroder was the bigger name) has all the after-school special charm of...all those after-school specials that I forget the names of. The story is cliched and the characters are simplistic, but if you don't take it too seriously and pretend your high school track team is watching it on the way back from state championships or something silly like that, you might actually have a great time with this movie. If you actually want to see a real movie and not something that is just fun to laugh at, I wouldn't recommend it. Great for bigger, slightly intoxicated audiences, especially if they are runners. Also great for people who love incredibly sappy stories of brotherly love.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 4 / 10

Two brothers race for the finish line.

Not much to rave about unless you happen to be a Brad Pitt fan or a follower of Rick Schroder. The two play high school brothers that find some success on the track field. Pitt is trying to walk the straight and narrow; while Schroder is a reform school refugee. Otherwise this movie does good to hold interest against an after school TV movie. Carrie Snodgress plays the passive mother still grieving her husbands death. Thomas Mikal Ford is the "meaning well" track coach. Unrealistic casting hurts.

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