A Smile as Big as the Moon



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 779

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John Corbett as Mike Kersjes
Jessy Schram as Robynn
Moira Kelly as Darcy Kersjes
Cynthia Watros as Dr. Deborah Barnhart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KristiAnn1 10 / 10

Great For Family

The movie, which stars John Corbett, is based on the memoir by teacher Mike Kersjes with Joe Layden in the 1980′s. It gives an inside look into the way one educator empowered special needs students who were often bullied by others to find compassion and respect for everyone.[3] In the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, many of the special-ed students were played by young actors who have Down syndrome, autism and learning disabilities. Space Camp is a competitive education program at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Even though it's designed for gifted science students, Mike, a special education teacher and football coach at a Michigan high school, decides participating in the science program would do wonders for the self-esteem of his students – especially Ben, a boy with Down syndrome, who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Aided by fellow teacher Robynn McKinney, Mike faces incredible obstacles in trying to make his dream become reality. School administrators oppose the plan as being too expensive. Space Camp officials are skeptical: They've never had special-ed kids apply before.

At long last, Mike and his students are given the green light. And then the real challenges begin, over nine months of rigorous teaching, learning, training and fund-raising. The kids are belittled and in some cases bullied by their fellow classmates, but Mike finds a way to keep them on track. He even convinces the school's football team, his other students, to help them prepare for the intense physical challenges of Space Camp. The class finally leaves for Huntsville, Alabama. Will kids with Down syndrome, Tourette's, learning disabilities and emotional problems be able to leave their baggage behind, coalesce into a team, and compete with some of the brightest students from across the country!

Reviewed by pudgebrownie 8 / 10

Inspirational and Entertaining!

A Smile as Big as the Moon is truly an inspirational, entertaining and thought provoking movie. If you've ever felt different or not-quite-good-enough, you might relate to the challenges this group of kids endure on a daily basis, and you'll be touched by the leaps and bounds achievable with a big imagination and a big heart. This film has a great cast of young actors that do an incredible job of portraying the successes attainable through teamwork, friendship, dedication and a sense of self worth.

I watched this movie twice in two days, once with my husband and the other time with my daughter. There are a lot of great lessons to be learned and shared. I highly recommend this movie.

Reviewed by IslandGirl07 10 / 10

As a Special Education Student I.......

Hi All, My Name is Chelsea Monroe, I am 23 years old, When I was born all those years ago, my parents were soo happy to be having a little baby girl, but when I couldn't talk, when I should have;they thought it was very abnormal. When I was four I started to talk and even then I was put into Speech Therapy Classes.

My School Years were very hard with a Reading, Writing, Math Disabilities. I remember having my shoes tied together and many others picking on me. I also remember hearing some teachers telling my parents that "If I graduate High School it would be a Miracle".

Even to this day its still a struggle to over come my disabilities but I push through and have graduated from High School, taken a few years of College before I left Michigan to live and work at Disney World here in Orlando, FL as a Photographer. When people meet me they might brush me off as weird, but when they get to know me and find out I had went through this they are very surprised that I overcame a Disability, even that I had one.

Why I thought this movie was great was because its a movie about Special Education that is meaningful and shows that Smiles are as big as the moon and you can do anything you set your mind too......just look at me :) -Chelsea

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