A Monkey in Winter

1962 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Drama


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Jean Gabin as Albert Quentin
Jean-Paul Belmondo as Gabriel Fouquet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by babotango 10 / 10

To watch

A splendid movie for everyone who had a dream and/or came back from it. About dream, excess, life, boredom, and going beyond what life gives you. And alcohol. To watch.

The actors are splendid, both at the best of their style, Gabin, an established, grounded man with a vision, Belmondo as a bold and hot-tempered, troubled young man. Suzanne Flon, Paul Frankeur and Noel Roquevert also strongly support the scenario in their 2nd roles.

The dialogues by Michel Audiard are just splendid. One liners that make you laugh and think beyond the action and that reflect on yourself.

It's a movie for people who dream further.

Reviewed by MarioB 8 / 10

A very very fine movie

I have read a recent interview with Belmondo, saying that the veteran Jean Gabin hate all that new wave french cinema when he was asked to do this movie with young Belmondo, who was, at that time, an actor who was working with the New Wave directors (Godard, Chabrol, Truffaut). But a solid friendship was born when the two men work together on that movie. In fact, the respect and this friendship seems to be very easy to see when we look at this charming movie. It's full of a sense of poetry. It's a movie about friendship, dreams, nostalgia, sadness between two men from different generations. It's also a movie about alcool, in a sense that the beatniks of that era refers to. It's also very well written. Gabin and Belmondo gives a very warm performance. You must see this wonderful movie.

Reviewed by bob998 8 / 10

Gabin falls off the wagon

Albert Quentin (Gabin) is running a small hotel in a coastal town in Normandy. He and his wife (Suzanne Flon)have settled down to a dull, peaceful existence heading into old age, when Fouquet (Belmondo), a young man gifted in flamenco dancing and getting very drunk, erupts into their lives. Soon all is turned upside-down, the teetotalling Quentin starts drinking again, and the town is treated to the most spectacular impromptu fireworks display that I can recall seeing in a movie. And that's not all... The acting is good all round: Gabin and Belmondo play off each other very well, Suzanne Flon strikes the right wistful and optimistic notes, and Noel Roquevert is very funny as the owner of a boutique where you can buy just about anything, including fireworks. Gabrielle Dorziat (of Les Parents terribles) has a nice cameo as the director of a girl's school who insists on speaking English.

Henri Verneuil was a very popular director from the 50's to the 70's; without being a real auteur he had a talent for pleasing the audience. Un singe en hiver follows Mélodie en sous-sol with its fine Gabin-Delon pairing, and gave me a lot of pleasure.

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