A Mindful Choice



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by decorrado 1 / 10

Terrible advertisement masquerading as a film

The movie is a well disguised advertisement, don't spend any money on this at all.

For some reason throughout the film lots of these special characters say they found inner peace by this one particular method of meditation. Not any form of meditation, but a particular kind called Ascension.

Furthermore, during the sections of the film I got through (I didn't get very far), there was no real mention of anything of value. Just more characters giving an extended sales pitch as to how this particular form of meditation worked best. It's fascinating to watch how disingenuous there conversations are, you'd think for a full-length film you could hire actors who would make better liars.

After I caught on that I was being sold a product. So I did some light digging. The film-maker himself makes an appearance as Greg Hopkinson, who decided to "leave" business behind in search of a better path after surviving an avalanche. Yet seems to have found a new business in selling New Age nonsense? The particular type of meditation that this film is selling is offered by certain organization only and is quite expensive.

Overall, the film is a terribly disguised advertisement for some New Age rubbish rather than offering any genuine insight into what meditation is and is pure propaganda. Save your time and money.

Reviewed by marijke34 2 / 10

Just one big add for The Bright Path

This movies consists of beautiful nature scenes and nice looking people with interesting story about how Ishay meditation/Ascension saved or changed their lives. The whole time I was waiting for the techniques to be explained, to hear more about it, but it wasn't. It felt like one big commercial. At my screening there were 2 Ishaya monks and they handed out flyers. The website listed on that flyer brings you to The Bright Path website and still doesn't give information about what it's all about, it just sells their courses. And they're expensive! I don't like paying for commercials. So this was a waste of money.

Reviewed by shawnna777 1 / 10


I got got by all these high reviews, don't make the same mistake, save your time and money! This is NOT a film/documentary! It is seriously one long infomercial for a method of meditation called Ascension / The Bright Path. So what IS Ascension, you ask?? Well for a few hundred $$$ the answers are all yours (insert eye roll here). This "documentary" proceeds to introduce you to people from all around the world whose lives have been forever enhanced and changed thanks to these meditative practices, but if you want any info on said meditative practices, techniques, or what the hell it even is, you need to fork over the $$$ and take a course. Before wasting your time on this junk, just feel free to google - Ascension, and you will quickly discover only limited info is available unless you want to pay to play and waste a weekend or more of your time for this cult bs.

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