A Matter of Faith


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Barrett Carnahan as Tyler Mathis
Harry Anderson as Professor Kaman
Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Professor Portland
Jordan Trovillion as Rachel Whitaker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ifpk2010 1 / 10

Absolute non-sense

Nothing but wishful thinking, pseudo-scientific claims. The person who wrote this clearly does not understand the theory of evolution, and then proceeds to straw man currently accepted scientific models.

Anyone whose taken a 6th grade biology course can quickly see through the propaganda and lies this film portrays.

The only reason you should watch this is for amusement of how illiterate society can be, other than that don't waste your time on this.

To summarize, the people who wrote this are the same ones who believe the Earth to be 6,000 years, so watch at your own risk.

Reviewed by jcbjb-76375 1 / 10

this is a story of a brain washed girl going to college and starting to think for herself but then daddy steps in and tries to stop her from thinking

This movie not only had horrible acting but ultimately was created as propaganda for the creationists it badly represents science and does not accurately portray the issue. Believing in young earth creationism is basically a denial of all of science evolution has the DNA evidence and the fossil record and more evidence. Basic geology and radiometric dating show the earth is indeed 4.5 billions of years old. The science side in this movie was portrayed as if science doesn't have any evidence so ultimately making this film creationist propaganda. I watched this expecting the same old regurgitation of the same refuted creationism arguments but they didn't even do that they just made science look like it is a bunch of guess work.what is sad is there are people out there that deny the massive amounts of scientific evidence supporting evolution, the age of the earth, the big bang etc... Overall a sad pathetic movie that ultimately was created to get people to believe in pseudoscience.

Reviewed by sonnygoten 4 / 10

Does its job to please fundamental Christians...

... but won't change any opinions of any atheist who has studied even a slight bit of evolution.

I decided to see a Christian movie, even though I'm atheist, to test my convictions. Would this be the movie to change my life? To convert me? Well, no. Frankly, I was completely disgusted by the intellectual dishonesty and emotional manipulation displayed throughout the movie.

Let's start with dishonesty; humans come from monkeys? No self- respecting 3rd grade biology teacher would teach that, never mind those at college level. Then that whole debate; the biology teacher sucked and staved off into abiogenesis and Big Bang and even Freud (everyone who has read even a bit on psychology knows Freud, while an interesting guy, was wrong on lots of topics) - all of which are not part of the debate topic which was about EVOLUTION vs. creationism; I could come up with better arguments than the biology teacher and I dropped biology from my high school course. Really, where was the debate leader to steer the father, the teacher and the ex-teacher back on topic? Because he sucked too! Then we have the emotional manipulation. The movie consistently portrays Christians as the good versus atheists as the evil. The girl was hardworking and studious, while her roommate and most of the students in this non-Christian environment were portrayed as party-goer slackers. The Christian boyfriend was protective of her, notifying her of the other explicitly non-religious dude who just wanted to get into her pants. Then there is the perfect family of concerned father and supportive diligent wifely mother. Contrast with the egotistical self-absorbed attitude of the aforementioned biology teacher. Even the ex-teacher is portrayed as a sympathetic guy who only became embittered because the evil atheist biology teacher got him fired. Apparently, in this movie you cannot be a decent person unless you're Christian.

Now, if you're a fundamental hardcore Christian, I'm sure you will lick up every drop of this feel-good movie. Because it DOES have all those warm fuzzy feelings of a family reunited in the end, an ex- teacher who gets over his bitterness, and a tentative romance. But everyone else can see the falseness behind that sugar-coat, not to mention the -at times- cringe worthy lines the actors spoke (I mean, at times I thought 'No real person speaks like that!').

So, all in all, it does its job pandering to its fundamentalist audience, but I think that, instead of a flick aimed at attacking the evil atheists, Christian propaganda might have been better served with a movie that is more polished, more honest, and intelllectually more engaging than this, if it seriously wants to win new souls.

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