A Lion Returns


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 79

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by guauen 8 / 10

Another fine work from Serhat Caradee (Cedar Boys, 2009)

A Lion Returns (2020) is is slow paced, dialogue driven drama of a family in crisis.

I was reminded of a carefully wrought stage play and found it deeply engrossing.

The script achieves a high standard all too rare now in Australian film and TV drama. The direction is deft and the acting is consistently good. Danny Elacci's performance as Omar, the good son, is outstanding.

Reviewed by gonzalez_adam 9 / 10

A monumental discourse on crafting agonizing tension with intelligent dialogue and inspired acting.

A lion returns is one of the best Australian films in recent memory. Serhat Caradee's follow up to cedar boys provides a monumental discourse on crafting agonizing tension with intelligent dialogue and inspired acting.

What would appear to be a non universal storyline of a middle eastern Muslim family and the radicalization of a returned family member, is made to be incredibly relatable with an emphasis on family and the ties that bond, with such is the masterstoke of Caradee's script, direction & the outstanding performances by each actor. Caradee's work conveys notes of Coen brothers, Tarantino & Fincher. The angst & tension builds and builds to an uneasy but necessary climax.

The success of the movie relies heavily on the acting of brothers Jamal (Tyler De Nawi) and Omar (Danny Elacci). Their execution & onscreen chemistry provides almost a documentary feel, painfully real and authentic; the actors appear as though they had lived their experiences, which is testament to how incredible their performances are.

Tyler's eyes show a pain and torture that is remarkably believable. Eyes are the window of the soul. Michael Caine once said that if an actor feels the emotion internally then it will show in the eyes, otherwise your eyes will betray you.

Danny Elacci's performance is mesmerizing. The subtlety, emotion & authenticity coupled with the incredible on screen physicality of a man carrying the entire weight of his family, one can only imagine he was drawing this from personal experience. On screen non verbal physicality is a trait highly under-utilized and straight out of the pages of Brando & Caine. It's intelligent acting and Danny shows he's a well versed and seasoned professional.

The acting by all cast members are well and truly the best of 2020. The script and direction is bold, innovative and incomparable to any Australian film in the past decade. Caradee and crew deserve alll the accolades coming their way.

Reviewed by movieguy3000 8 / 10


Serhats first film Cedar Boys was a great film out of Western Sydney. His follow up his very different but worth the watch. This film although slow, it has an engaging topic about a Muslim Australian returning from fighting in Syria. The characters are interesting and the conversations are heavy. If you don't like dialogue heavy films - this film is NOt for you. Its a slow unfolding drama that's worth the watch if you want to watch a basic story about a family torn by one mans actions. Excellent performance by Tyler DeNawi and supporting actors Jaqui Pervis and Buddy Danoun. Special mention to Helen Chabatte and Maha Wilson does a fine job. Its a one location film that will keep your attention. If your looking for action this film is not for you. Overall its a better Aussie film then those with bigger budgets. Well done to the cast and crew.

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