A Glitch in the Matrix



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yproks 1 / 10

An insult to modern science.

This documentary is not only the rambling thoughts of people suffering from delusions but also an assault on your sense; the audio is intrusive, annoying and most likely deployed to mask an otherwise paranoia filled epic waste of time.

The simulation theory is as the name would suggests, a theory but in this documentary for approx 90mins you'll have this theory proven by random nobodies across America. Via hidden identities, shameless clips and throw backs.

If you're a flat earther you'll love this documentary.

Reviewed by michael_fisher-98025 7 / 10

A Start

The documentary is not a scientific look at the reality of the simulation theory, but how humans are grappling with the idea that they are living in a simulation and how that guides their choices in living life. It uses individuals who have crossed over from just contemplating the idea to actually believing it to be their reality. I enjoyed It.

Reviewed by Xstal 4 / 10

A Flaw with Y'Sanity...

Circa ten minutes of reasonably intelligent discussion on 'The Simulation Hypothesis' the rest, a study of those who harbour significant psychological issues. unable to delineate fact and reality from fiction which, depending on your perspective, nails any conclusions you need to draw on 'The End of Everything', coincidentally a great read, and a far better way to pass your time before backtracking to the world of Nietzsche for more depth, despair and psychological torment.

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