A Dog's Breakfast


Comedy / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Rachel Luttrell as Ratcha
David Hewlett as Patrick
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Reviewed by brice-18 7 / 10

Multum in parvo

Made on the tightest of budgets, this blackish comedy about weirdo Patrick's frantic efforts to get rid of his sister's fiancé is remarkably funny. David Hewlett, who wrote and directed, is hilarious as resentment builds to homicidal mania, showing an unsuspected flair for slapstick and pratfalls: its a (literally!) knock-out performance. Paul McGillon (also from 'Stargate Atlantis') is a genial Ryan, the undeserving target of Patrick's frenzy, while Kate Hewlett (David's actual sister) is delightfully less demure than at first she seems. There's a bonus when Ryan's aunt turns up - but I'd better say no more!There could be a problem with a 'psycho' antihero, but Hewlett preserves a desperate charm. The dialogue is droll, the plot cleverly conceived, and when the odd joke misfires it is mainly through lack of resources. 'Much in a little', indeed!

Reviewed by meiran-1 8 / 10

Dark comedy at it's best

I actually rented this movie expecting to be disappointed.

We laughed almost the entire way through the film, and it was so strange and hilarious that I intend to purchase it at my first opportunity. You might need to possess that certain type of twisted sense of humor to enjoy it. But if you do, you'll enjoy it immensely.

Every single member of the cast turns in a fantastic performance. Even characters who are seen for mere seconds become memorable. David and Kate Hewlett are obviously siblings, but they actually capture that antagonistic sibling relationship very well.

These are the type of independent films I wish were being made. It is smart, funny, and well shot.

Reviewed by sweeneybird 9 / 10

Very funny directorial debut

The twisty story and hilarious characterizations made this first film of Mr. Hewlett's a pleasure to watch, Other reviewers have commented on the clever plot and terrific performances, so I won't repeat that praise here - suffice it to say that I giggled my way through the movie.

Clever costuming really added to my enjoyment of the film - just quirky enough to establish character without distracting from the story. Marilyn's dresses in particular revealed as much about her as Ms. Hewlett's entertaining performance.

Director Hewlett used wide angle shots with a stationary camera to great effect for some of the outdoor scenes without overdoing it - the choices he made really added to the mood of the film. And actor Hewlett's expressive face and hilarious delivery made Patrick a very real person instead of the caricature that he easily could have become.

One small quibble - this is NOT a horror movie! Dark comedy in the hilarious mannered style of 'The Pink Panther' or 'A Fish Called Wanda', yes. Horror? Not so much. Which is fine by me!

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