A Christmas in Royal Fashion



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Cindy Busby as Kristin
Michael Paré as Dan Carson
Diarmaid Murtagh as Prince Patrick of Edgemoor
Gina Hiraizumi as Nurse Phillips
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

Not much festive royalty here

It is paining me to say that. 'A Christmas in Royal Fashion' could easily have been a sweet, charming film to not expect too much from, it had potential to be and a huge part of me wanted it to be. Being somebody who loves Christmas, a fair share of Christmas films and was expecting to not demand too much. Certainly not something Oscar-worthy when it is not that kind of film and that was pretty obvious from the get go, even from the title alone.

Am aware that 'A Christmas in Royal Fashion' was not something to take too seriously and that the "once upon a time" opening is a big clue enough that it was not a film to expect too much realism from. Am pretty sure that despite how they come over, the previous negative reviewers were aware of this too. What they are driving at is most likely that the situations are just too difficult to buy and that it was hard to see what Kristin saw in Patrick, which are two of 'A Christmas in Royal Fashion's' biggest drawbacks.

Will start with 'A Christmas in Royal Fashion's' drawbacks. It has some nice scenery. The soundtrack is very infectious and enhances the magical atmosphere that Christmas creates.

Cindy Busby is a likeable screen presence as the one character that one comes close to engaging with.

Diarmaid Murtagh is the complete opposite. He is as far away from dashing and charming as one can get, the prince is a complete jerk of a character who never properly evolves and Murtagh plays him with no charm and little personality. There was no spark, wit or warmth in the chemistry between him and Busby, and most of the film is dedicated to the viewer being at a loss as to what Kristin sees in him. The supporting cast have nothing to work with, in roles that are bland and at worst cartoonish.

The nice scenery is wasted by the drab and hasty-looking photography and the direction never rises above routine. The script is inane personified with some groan-worthy and cringe-inducing howlers at times, and the story left me bored and cold on top of the increasing ridiculousness. Never felt uplifited, my heart never warmed and the charm was missing, it was just non-stop far-fetchedness and blandness with very little worth endearing to.

Overall, has its moments but mostly it doesn't work. 4/10

Reviewed by lm_garrison 4 / 10

Not a good movie

The story line for this movie was hard to believe. The guy who played the prince was a lousy actor who looked like an over weight football player. It was hard to believe that there would be any chemistry between him and Cindy Busby. Couldn't watch the whole movie. She came across as a nice person and he was a jerk.

Reviewed by skpn123 10 / 10

Full of Warmth and Cheer - Ho Ho Ho for all the year

I can't believe reviewers are writing things like "the story line for this movie was hard to believe" - have they even watched the movie - the very first words we view are 'Once Upon a Time' - for me that is a huge clue it is a fairy tale that, it is meant to be unbelievable LOL. That is the charm of it....... and a huge requirement is HEA and this movie has lots of it to lighten our day, even for the less likeable characters. Ho Ho Ho all.

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