A Billion Lives


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by opalboo 10 / 10

A Must See for Everyone

This movie, whilst being touted as a movie about Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping has a much wider context. It outlines clearly the corporate control of everyone in the first world. Mainly, as it relates to health and how countries health experts allow themselves to be the puppets of Big Pharma and Big Tobacco through a very nefarious web of money and power. As an expat American I knew about how things worked in the US from living there but seeing the shock on peoples faces after viewing this movie and the reality that it is happening even here in New Zealand....it was sad to see how duped people are. Hopefully the people who need to see this movie will see this movie and feel a sense of shame for what they are participating in.

Reviewed by imaracingmom 10 / 10

Worldwide journey seeking the truth for a Billion Lives

The first time in my life I have ever been excited about a documentary! To find someone to be motivated by the truth and not by corporate dollars has been a refreshing journey to see. Director Aaron Biebert and his crew have traveled the world seeking the truth about a new industry. Can it really save lives or is it the newest evil? Why is this new industry so controversial? If it is a live saving tool like so many claim, why are governments around the world scrambling to ban it? Who's paying the lobbyists who campaign against it? If the issue is to get people to quit smoking, why are so many health organizations against this? An eye opening experience to hear the truth from around the world! I just may have to start watching more documentaries!

Reviewed by phutch29687 10 / 10

It's time the world knows... You are being lied to!

"A True Story of Government Failure, Big Business, and the Vaping Revolution" - Aaron Biebert, Director. Told from a unique perspective, The makers of this film are not electronic cigarette users, and are NEVER smokers. The World Health Organization projects that a billion people will die this century from smoking-related illness. In the United States alone, more people die each year from smoking than AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs, murders, suicides, and car accidents combined. Throughout history, powerful people have used fear mongering and regulations to further their own interests and moral agendas. This film has the potential to change the world and to potentially help save #A Billion Lives this century. It's time to tell the world! You are being lied to. More information at www.abillionlives.com including the latest trailer! Filmed literally ALL over the world, from the Mountains of Peru to our very backyards in America. A Billion Lives will open your eyes and you will see the Truth. Starring: Hon Lik, Clive Bates, Mark Weiss, Oliver Kershaw, and many more, REAL experts, innovators and the inventor of the modern electronic cigarette.

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