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Michael Ironside as Sheriff Knowles
Kyle Schmid as Aster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mexicanscotsman 10 / 10

If Guy Ricthie directed Memento with a screenplay by Luc Besson

If you like Guy Ritchie films and you're fan of Luc Besson, you'll enjoy this saucy little revenge filled rampage.

It's terrific fun to watch Katharine Isabelle's brilliant performance as both a clueless and terrified victim, and a cold blooded killer sociopath, as you follow her around on her violently hilarious adventures.

The film has very fresh and lively quality. Christopher Lloyd as a villain and Michael Ironside as a sheriff, with commendable direction by April Mullen, it feels like you're watching yourself being punched in the face with a candy-apple: it's all crunchy and sticky and shiny with squishy bits. And you can laugh at the playful delight and violent absurdity of just having watched yourself take a candy-apple to the face.

88 is a special treat.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

A surprisingly good little thriller

Two thing's come to mind with the movie '88'. Quentin Tarantino and 'Memento'. Director April Mullen has done her best to show us what it would have been like if Tarantino had made 'Memento', instead of Christopher Nolan. The result? Not all that bad. The film doesn't reach the intellectual capacities of 'Memento', but focuses more on the style. And while it doesn't come off in every scene, the overall result is pretty good.

The interweaving time lines are handled well. Thing's can get very confusing in these types of films but Mullen does a good job of keeping things easy enough to follow along with. Katharine Isabelle was excellent in the lead role, particularly in the flashback storyline. The rest of the cast were admittedly not great (Ironside and Lloyd were passable) but that is forgivable in a low-budget film like this. While the film never reaches anywhere near the potential a Tarantino or Nolan is capable of, it still isn't half bad. Worth giving a chance.

Reviewed by miller_ray 8 / 10

Good movie & very strong performance from Katherine Isabelle

88 starts with our main character lost and confused in a diner, and through multiple story threads we find out how she got there and where she is going. That's all I want to say about the story, because the less you know the more I think you'll enjoy the movie.

I thought 88 had a very "Memento-ish" feel to it, in that by design the viewer is very disoriented and along the way you gather information along with the main character until the inevitable "aha" moment and climax. I thought the pacing was great, the actors did a terrific job, and while I have no idea what the budget was for 88 it felt like a major feature film.

Speaking of the actors, Katherine Isabelle OWNS this movie. I want to go back and re-watch, but if I'm not mistaken she is in essentially every scene in the movie. Plain and simple, 88 doesn't work if she doesn't nail her role(s), and she plays it to perfection.

Bottom line, 88 isn't The Godfather or Apocalypse Now, it's not going to win any Oscars or make billions of dollars. But if you're looking for an exciting movie with several WTF moments and a great performance from an under-appreciated star I strongly recommend it.

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