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Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 125

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deeparbusiness 9 / 10

Awesome work!

Seems like this movie is getting negative reviews from a lot of biased people who watched the first ten mins or don't rate indie-horror flicks at all.

The acting was believable, and the horror angle in the house was played out really well - the ghosts didn't speak, instead they wandered through other dimensions or just moved objects.

The possession angle with Staci could have been played better. Also, Cody's shotgun could have been used at the end because Staci insinuated that her mother wasn't the issue and she could live without her.

I think this film would have done much better financially if it was released under a bigger banner.

This was way better than the other movie I watched yesterday... uh, I think it's called "Mortal Kombat."

Reviewed by mdc01757 9 / 10

Not great but entertaining

The storyline was uncanny and the characters were fun to watch LOL.

SPOILER ALERT............. The movie opens with a dying woman saying goodbye to her husband and two gorgeous gals.....then the funeral...then the move to a gated community to escape grieving .

The usual security footage of room to room goes bye and reveals a sleepwalker getting a rifle and killing his family and then himself.

Jim and the girls , Staci & Randy move in to the mansion and start experiencing ghostly occurrences . The Sherriff gets involved to no avail. The Mayor ( Eric Roberts and his real wife ) and wife welcome them and then you don't see them until later in the film for a minute .

The girls meet boys and do the flirt & tease thing in a few scenes and then all of them experience ghostly happenings.

The last 10 minutes are just too complicated to explain after Staci sleepwalks and tries to shoot Randy until Jim returns to save the day and get the family out of the real estate deal for millions more than he paid.

The part I didn't get is why Jim was having sex with his daughter and celebrating pulling off a scam of scariness to rip off the realters of millions . Then Staci poisons Jim and Randy and drives off with all the cash . They flashback to Robin ( mother ) dying and whispering in Staci's ear to kill Jim for no given back story of a reason .

Overall, I enjoyed the movie , waiting to be scared and waiting for the gratuitus nudity that never occurred, thus making it a good security footage thriller with a HUGE twist of an ending.

Reviewed by ragmagnet 1 / 10

You'll laugh, You'll cry, and you'll probably turn it off

I think giving a movie one star is reserved for the worst of the worst. I don't gone bad horror movies 1 star like most people when they dislike a movie. This one reaches a level of torturously bad. It's so terrible you'll lose all sense of feeling in your mind, heart, and eyes. Video games have better stories than this, the ones from 1996 even. The money used to make this film could have been used for anything else. But maybe it's just my taste and you'll think this is a real winner. I doubt it though.

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