2001 [ITALIAN]


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Ed Bishop as Father Jones
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Reviewed by famigliarobbiano 10 / 10

Italian low budget jewel

Maybe one of the things we ask in a movie is to give us a good time and this movie definitely does it; when you find yourself laughing you don't ask yourself anything about the budget, the financing or the industry rules. This movie is a miracle, shot on a outrageously low budget, has gained an unexpected and unusual national release (in Italy) due to this simple fact: it is funny. The story deals with everyday hero Carlo Maggi, trying to save the lives of the Pope and those of all the major religious world leaders from the threat brought by Omega, the killer who never fails. Story is a guideline for bizarre encounters and accidents that bring to screen a bunch of some of the most promising and talented italian comedians. Style is a combination of genres, all included, fun is guaranteed, film is simple and naive, "user-friendly", but competent, well directed, with good performances, built around a solidly structured script with a ultra fast editing and a fascinating original score (by MAO). This is a movie for those who want to have fun, for those who love movies and moviemaking and above all for all those that have dreamed to make a movie by themselves or still dream about doing it now.

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