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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by terminator-mjc 4 / 10

If you don't get a kick out of found footage movies, in any way, don't watch this movie.

When people use blood in a movie never make it bright red or any other shade that isn't dark. It's too obvious that it's fake.

The second to last kill is one of the worst acting I've seen in a movie.

The explaining of the equipment is useless and so was the in-film advertisement.

There has been music in previous found footage movies. It never improves found footage style movies ever. It's a complete waste of time. If there's going to be music in it it would be from any kind of stereo that is shown or nearby. As well as if a person is playing music from a smart phone or a MP3 player.

The only reason I gave this movie a 4 and not lower is it wasn't a complete waste of time for me to watch. Some of the murders weren't completely similar to the many horror movies I watched and many found footage movies. As well as that nearly every found footage movies take places out in the wilderness completely, haunted houses, alien and non-alien abductions, asylums/hospitals. This movie didn't include any of those except part of it was in the wilderness.

Reviewed by lindseyebranch 4 / 10

Kind of Creative?....but.....Not so great

From the first clip of the killings you could easily tell it's a woman! She has boobs! She walked like a girl, you could tell she was short, her gloves didn't fit her and she had a lot of purple accessories (not that guys can't but it tied up a lot of the points). So when Abby kept saying "guy" or "this man" it kept making me even more and more mad. Then you put the pieces together that it was the journalist doing the interview before half the film is over. The cameras looked the same as the killers, and she had two of them, which Abby pointed out in the beginning. I love found footage films so it kept me occupied but if you don't even like found footage films then you will definitely hate this.

Reviewed by sbunc92-3 2 / 10

Commercial for 4K Camera Equipment?

A serial killer records their murders. That's it, that's the "story". It seems like this movie was an excuse for the director to show off their various pieces of 4K equipment. There's even an explanation of the difference between 4K and other types of resolutions. I will say the image is pristine. And the murders themselves are done fairly well considering what must of been a very low budget. But to stretch it out to a still short 75 minutes the move is padded like crazy. We see a murder and then for some reason we are treated to watching the killer edit the footage, the footage we just saw mind you. I'm not sure if the killer's identity is supposed to be a big surprise when it is revealed but it's not. It is pretty obvious who it is from the beginning. Not to mention it is spoiled if you look at the cast list before you watch it.

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