3 Generations


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 6198


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Naomi Watts as Maggie
Susan Sarandon as Dolly
Tate Donovan as Craig
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

some weakness in writing

Ray (Elle Fanning) wants to transition to being a boy. He's 16 and needs parental consent. His mother Maggie (Naomi Watts) has to track down his biological father. They live in NYC with Maggie's gay mother Dolly (Susan Sarandon) and her girlfriend Frances. Dolly would rather Ray be a lesbian.

This is tackling an advanced edgy issue. It needs some better writing. The actors are top notch. The story needs to move but it's stuck in molasses. The dream girl probably needs more screen time and played by someone more charismatic. Quite frankly, she needs to be played by somebody like Elle. Ray's flailing attempts at romance is the most compelling story opportunity. There could be love triangles and unrequited love. The bio dad is not that compelling. Despite any weakness in writing, the actors carry the heavy load well especially Elle.

Reviewed by alejaduque123 5 / 10

Could have been a lot better

Even though the main point of the entire movie was focused on Ray's mother, who was struggling with getting Ray's dad consent for Ray to finally start his transition into a boy, i think the movie could have been a lot better if we actually had the chance to see the actual transition, or at least part of it. Was I the only one waiting to see her starting on T and completely changing her life??.

The acting and production of the movie wasn't actually bad, I just think there could have been a lot more story than a mother who wants to get some papers singed for a transformation that we never actually get to see. Excuse me if I am missing the whole point of the movie, I KNOW, there's a lot of things behind whole story line, for example, acceptance, family issues, secrets from the past, personal struggles in the characters, I GET IT. But how exciting would it be to actually get to witness Ray's transformation?.

This movie just left me with a lot of question. How will testosterone going to change him? Did he gets the girl at the end? Will he be happy after his transition? Will Ray's mother end up with her former lover? I guess we will never know, because the movie actually ends up when Ray gets the green light to start the treatment. Which is such a cliffhanger, not fair.

Don't judge me, but i actually think this could have carried a lot more history that it had already, and it could have been a lot more exciting in my opinion. I wish i would have liked this book better.

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 10 / 10

the new family

Gaby Dallel's "3 Generations" drew criticism for the casting of a cisgender person in the role of a transgender character. While that is an issue, the movie itself is worth seeing. It shows how the different family members deal with the news that the daughter is transitioning to male. In fact, the lesbian grandmother has the hardest time dealing with it (I've noticed that a number of gays and lesbians, while fighting for their own rights, have ignored transgender rights).

I wouldn't call the movie a masterpiece, but I think that it addresses some good issues. It's the sort of movie that could only get released in the 2010s, when understanding of gender-nonconforming people became widespread. I recommend it. I guess that the distribution by The Weinstein Company now looks unpleasant due to the ugly revelations about Harvey Weinstein, but that doesn't change the movie itself. Really good one. As expected, Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon all turn in fine performances.

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