10 Rules for Sleeping Around


Comedy / Romance

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Wendi McLendon-Covey as Emma Cooney
Jesse Bradford as Vince Johnson
Michael McKean as Jeffrey Fields
Molly McCook as Jaymee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaxbubba 1 / 10


TV producer Leslie Grief has rarely ventured onto the big screen since working on Walker: Texas Ranger. His last experience, directing and cowriting the 2006 Chevy Chase bomb "Funny Money", might have convinced a more cautious man to stick to exec-producing generic reality-TV fare. Instead, Grief returns with "10 Rules for Sleeping Around", which should hammer the last nail into the coffin of his theatrical aspirations. Inept in just about every way, the farce about two pairs of would-be philanderers may well prove to be 2014's most unenjoyable comedy, provided Adam Sandler doesn't have a third Grown Ups planned for this summer. Unlike Grown Ups, this picture will make only a brief flicker in theaters before reaching "Video-On-Demmand" purgatory.

Jesse Bradford plays Vince, the numbskull who sets the story in motion by convincing his wife, Cami (Virginia Williams), that they should have an open relationship governed by a douchebag decalogue of his own design; things go predictably awry when Cami decides to exercise this freedom with a cougar-hunting Hamptons horndog. At the same time, Vince has sold his dim-bulb bro, Matt (Chris Marquette), on proposing a similar sexual arrangement to his easily flustered girlfriend, Kate (Tammin Sursok), who's soon chasing Cami out to the Hamptons to join in the misbehavior. Mistaken identities and misinterpreted clues pile up as the four characters separately try to crash a party-of-the- season thrown by a notorious Hollywood hedonist (Michael McKean).

These leads have scores of credits among them, but as directed by Grief most would have a hard time landing a gig in a deodorant commercial. Dialogue spills out indiscriminately, its lack of comic timing not helped by Richard Nord's editing.

Failing at banter, Grief tries to score laughs with some faux-naughty outrageousness, most of which involves a teenage boy running around naked, with feathers stuck to him, with an amorous dog in hot pursuit. A funnier film might have gotten away with having this desperate kid fend off his canine pursuer with campus anti-rape slogans like "My body, my choice!"; this one simply begs to be found offensive in addition to stupid and desperately unfunny.

So to some this all up, bad writing, bad acting, bad direction, a horrendous script, and a all too familiar plot adds up to one disastrous film... If I was force to have to watch this film while in flight, I would seriously consider using the emergency exit; yes, it's that bad!!!!

Reviewed by Uriah43 3 / 10

Had Potential but Ruined by Awful Direction

This film begins with an attractive young woman named "Cameron Johnson" (Virginia Williams) asking her good friend "Kate Oliver" (Tammin Sursok) for permission to use her summer house in the Hamptons for the weekend. When Kate asks her what her plans are Cameron reveals that she has a date she would like to spend some time with. This shocks Kate because she knows that Cameron is married. It's then that Cameron tells her that she and her husband "Vince Johnson" (Jesse Bradford) have an arraignment where they are allowed to sleep around with strangers as long as they follow 10 basic rules. As it so happens, at that exact same moment, Vince is also telling Kate's boyfriend "Ben Roberts" (Chris Marquette) about their arraignment and encourages him to expand his horizons by asking Kate to allow another woman to join Ben and her in a threesome. However, when Ben does ask he is totally unprepared for Kate's response. For that matter, none of them are fully prepared for the pandemonium they unleash when they all try to fulfill their desires. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that there were some absolutely hilarious scenes in this film. Unfortunately, on more than a few occasions the director (Leslie Grief) wasn't apparently satisfied with that and kept pushing the envelope much too far--and by doing so he often turned a humorous scene into something that was quite vulgar and distasteful. That being said, I'm not sure if he was trying to make a statement or not but the end result wasn't something I particularly cared for and for that reason I have rated this film accordingly. Below average.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 1 / 10


This is a young adult sex romp comedy, or at least tries to be funny. Cameron (Virginia Williams) and her husband (Jesse Bradford) have an open marriage. They attempt to convince Owen (Bryan Callen) and Kate (Tammin Sursok) they should try it. Through a series of circumstances they all end up at a Hampton house complete with a young naked man, two girls from Craig's List, a Brazilian bombshell, and a decorator.

While this is going on they try to hide it from a visiting author the guys want to sign. Confusion mounts as signs of infidelity are all around.

The film wasn't funny. It took a standard formula and ruined it with a bad plot and idiotic dialogue. They just put one stupid thing on top of another without thinking if it was funny or not. It started out with promise and then fizzled fast.

Not recommended even as a rental.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity.

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