Zombie Holocaust

1980 [ITALIAN]


IMDb Rating 5.2 10 5044

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lovecraft231 7 / 10

More Fun than a Surgical Procedure

Dr. Obrero (Dan O' Brien) is experimenting on corpses on a remote Island. Well, an expedition team (which includes Zombi 2's Ian McCulloch) ends up on the island-and runs into the Docotor, who has some plans-as well as cannibals and zombies-in store for them.

Titled "Dr Butcher M.D." when it came to video in the 80's, "Zombie Holocaust" is an interesting-and fun-blend of two different kinds of Italian Gore flicks: The Italian Zombie movie, and the Italian Cannibal movie-only without any of the animal torture and mutilation of the later.

The movie has some nice gore (surgical and otherwise-including an awesome motorboat engine to the head death) and nudity to liven things up, as well as a fun score and tons of camp. Also, unlike other Italian gore flicks of the time, the movie features a little intentional humor to go with it ("The patients screaming disturbed me, performed removal of vocal chords"-that line always gets me), which after the downbeat feeling of Fulci's zombie movies, is something of a breath of undead air. It's nice to see an Italian gore flick that doesn't take itself too seriously for a change.

If there is any problem, it's that the zombie aspect feels rather underplayed, as they aren't used for much. Sure, there's that aforementioned death by boat motor, but they don't do a whole lot to threaten the team, as the cannibals are more of a threat. Still, "Zombie Holocaust" is a blast of exploitation that fans of over the top Italian Horror might enjoy. I know I did.

Reviewed by slayrrr666 8 / 10

Surprisingly decent, gory zombie film

"Zombi Holocaust" is a rather fun cheesy zombie film.


During a routine autopsy, medical student Lori Ridgeway, (Alexandra Delli Colli) notices that the cadaver is incomplete, despite being in excellent condition the night before. As this trend continues, she finally goes to her boss, Dr. Dreylock, (Walter Patriarca) who refers her to Dr. Peter Chandler, (Ian McCulloch) a member of an investigating board for similar such incidents. As they continue, she notices a sign on one that resembles a sign from a small Southeast Asian island and convinces him to put together a team to investigate. Gathering his assistant George Harper, (Peter O'Neal) and girlfriend Susan Kelly, (Sherry Buchanan) to go along, and head to the island. There, they find the place is full of cannibals from a long-lost tribe, and a strange doctor performing strange operations on the locals. When they become the next targets for the experiment, they try to get off the island alive.

The Good News: This was a pretty pleasant surprise. It's big plus is that it feels like a great mixture of two big genres, namely the cannibal and zombie sub-genres. That it uses the tale-tell signs of the two, and convincingly, makes this one a really entertaining and clever entry. The cannibals, surprisingly, get the majority of the screen-time spent, as it's going to their home-place based on speculation of their existence, and that in turn reveals the truth about the zombies in a not-exactly-new twist revealed towards the end. There's also plenty of gore in the film, as this one has some pretty nice kills in it. There's a really impressive one where a victim is impaled from a trap that shoots up from behind to impale through the body rather than the other way around, with a severe series of dismemberments and skin devouring to follow, some really great impalements, surgical amputations and a rather shocking scene where one gets their face torn up by a rotating motorboat engine. That's not to include all the really wicked surgeries done in the film, which are also quite impressive and really bloody. That there's also some really juicy skin-devouring really helps to make this one bloody and gory. The fact that it remains watchable all the way through to the end is another big plus, as this one doesn't really get boring and features enough action spots to stay interesting, and only without a big taste for cheese will this one fail. These all make it quite entertaining.

The Bad News: There isn't a whole lot wrong with this one. One of the big ones is it's incredibly high cheese factor. There's a lot of that in the film, which can be evidenced by the general plot description. This also has marks for it in that category for it's gore and general atmosphere, which is a mark as it's not all that well received by most. That this one revels so heavily in it makes it something to be avoided by those who aren't that into that style. This one also has the problem in that it doesn't really do the big points from it's meshed styles. For a zombie film, these don't really feel like zombies most of the time, as they rarely do anything more than stand around and take orders, and aren't in the film very long to begin with. They're involved in the last twenty minutes of the film, and it doesn't really feature them a whole lot in that time-span. As well, there isn't a lot of time spent on the cannibal tribe getting to know them. All that's known about them is the name and island where they live, which is basically it. This here needed more information on them. Otherwise, the cheesiness is the main problem with this one.

The Final Verdict: While not the greatest entry in either the Italian cannibal or zombie genres, this one does have enough to like about it that fans of both will be happy. See this one if you're a fan of either of those two genres, or are just in the mood for a quick, cheesy time, while those not in the mood for such a film or aren't fans altogether should seek caution.

Rated UR/R: Graphic Violence, Full Nudity and Language

Reviewed by Aaron1375 4 / 10

You got your zombie movie in my cannibal film! You got your cannibal film in my zombie flick!

Put them together and you get a completely mindless movie! Yes, the title of this film is completely misleading (the Zombie Holocaust one) as when I hear it, I imagine hordes of zombies rampaging the countryside. Instead, what we mainly get is a cannibal horror film fused together with a mad doctor film with a dash of zombies in it for taste. It shares a lot of similarities to Lucio Fulci's Zombie movie too as it features Ian McCulloch and another actor from that film and it appears to be on the exact same island! When they first drive to the one doctor's house they go down a street and it looks exactly like a scene out of Zombie, heck the donkey may have even been in Zombie. They depart in terms of plot; however, as this one does not focus on the zombie aspect. Well, it does not really focus on anything, as nothing anyone in this film does makes much sense. I think they just tried to fuse to many sub genres together without a complete script or something.

The story of this one is the weakest element of the film, because at times it almost seems like there is none. There are mutilations in a hospital in New York and it is soon learned that it is the work of a cannibal. Other cannibals turn up here and there because somehow they can just get jobs at hospitals. A group of four people travel to an island for reasons that are really no one's business, because them going makes absolutely no sense. They meet a doctor who provides them with some yummy looking lemonade and then they are off to another island where the cannibals live. The group which now includes three very expendable helpers and another dude soon find themselves under assail from the cannibals who get scared by zombies going "Ah" and nearly everyone is killed, but the two survivors decide to try and figure out the mystery even though it literally accomplishes nothing.

The film moves at a rather fast pace and it features some good Italian splatter and some good nudity too. That makes the film at least watchable, but the plot is so horrendously bad that I just cannot score it any higher. Some of the effects are rather horrible too, as at one point one of the cannibals is caught in New York and he proceeds to jump out a window. It is obviously a mannequin and when it impacts the ground, its arm pops off! I realize they may not want to redo the scene, but they could have at least jump cut and edited that part out! The mad doctor is the only person who seems to know what he is doing, but making a race of ineffective zombies seems kind of a waste of time. Just too much bad in this one to overcome even with the nice gore and very hot blond.

So this film is a combination film, but I think they just tried to do too much. At times it is a cannibal film, at other a mad doctor and then a bit of zombies in there for effect. Heck, the scenes where the blond undress could be considered soft core porn because the music is right out of one! They just tried to do much, and as I have said, I just do not think they had fully completed script to go along with it all. Though another interesting aspect of the film is its similarities to Zombie; however, that one is the superior film as it makes a bit more sense why things are happening and why they go to the island. Here, it just makes no sense at all.

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