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Robert Wagner as Erding
Richard Thomas as Charley
Clu Gulager as Larry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 8 / 10

"Winning" is really Newman's picture all the way

Newman is a successful driver who marries a small-town divorcée (Joanne Woodward), soon after they've met… As usual, he devotes too much time to his career and ignores everything else, and, as in "From the Terrace," Woodward turns in desperation to another man—here a rival driver (Robert Wagner). Newman finds them in bed, and becomes estranged from her (again, as in "From the Terrace"), but after winning the big race, he realizes his life is empty, and attempts a reconciliation (the theme of the "winner" who's really a loser).

The relationship is superficially written, but Newman and Woodward make us care about it… Their first film together since "A New Kind of Love," it's their best since "The Long Hot Summer." They exude a naturalness, intimacy and spontaneous affection that one suspects come from their own feelings for each other… It is apparent in their first scene, where he is slight1y drunk, delightfully playful, and confident (but no longer unpleasant) in his attempt to pick her up; and she responds with smiles and applause at his tricks with a fireman's hat, but looks slight1y uncertain about this glamorous stranger…

Following their wedding, they sit on a swing, drinking beer from cans, talking and laughing quietly… She describes her previous loneliness, and he responds, typically, "Beer's a lot less complicated." They smile, she rubs his back and leans her head on his shoulder: these are people who really know each other, and who have attained a maturity about themselves…

Newman exhibits this maturity throughout… His loose, casual style, evident in "Cool Hand Luke," has given way to an almost complete mellowness… Perhaps because of the confidence gained from his directing experience, he has gotten rid of his mannerisms; and except for the intense determination he shows while racing, he's more relaxed than ever before… Although the script tells little about his past, there's a wealth of experience etched into his face, especially in his brilliant, silent reaction to finding the couple in bed—one of quiet resignation that suggests a lifetime of pain and frustration…

Newman has many fine scenes of quiet underplaying: his camaraderie with Wagner early in the film; his solitude after the race; his genuine warmth in the relationship with his stepson (Richard Thomas). The scenes in which they drink champagne and come home drunk together project for the first time in Newman's career a really paternal feeling—only vaguely suggested in strikingly similar scenes in "Hud."

Reviewed by justimagine 8 / 10

For race fans, this is a Winner!

Taken as a whole, this does not measure up to Newman's later works, but that's not his fault. The story is a weak and draggy at times. Certainly it's not "The Verdict", but then it's not meant to be. It is what it is, a pretty basic story about a race car driver and his relationships; between he and his distant wife, his teammate (and again, his wife) and his stepson. The uneven pacing almost sinks the film as a whole, though the supporting cast is pretty ace. But forget all that for a moment.

For race fans the vintage footage alone is worth the price of admission...Can-Am cars at Elkhart Lake open the show and Indy closes it. Great stuff! What makes it all really work is that PLN did his own driving and it's clear he is enjoying himself and is right at home in the car, not shoehorned in like a Burt Reynolds or Tom Cruise or Sly Stallone. He is a RACER, and it shows. Plus the ending is classic Newman; you just don't know what's going to happen next, and you WANT to know.

Also recommended: "Grand Prix" and "Le Mans".

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Soap Opera At the 500

Most film fans know of Paul Newman's passion for auto racing, something he shared with his fellow rebel hero Steve McQueen. So like McQueen, sooner or later he was going to do a racing film. It's never going to be listed among his best films, but at least it was not as self indulgent as McQueen's Le Mans.

It's also not Grand Prix which had cinerama and dealt with the international racing scene and the glamour therein. This is an American film dedicated to what our president called the Nascar dads in the last presidential campaign. But it also deals with who I would have to call the neglected Nascar Moms.

Paul Newman is an auto racing driver and totally dedicated to his sport. He meets and marries Joanne Woodward who is a divorcée with a teenage son, Richard Thomas. After a while he starts taking her for granted and Woodward drifts off into an affair with rival driver Robert Wagner.

I very much doubt in real life if Paul Newman ever took Joanne Woodward for granted as he does her. I don't think they would have stayed married as long as they did. But Newman gives a solid portrayal of a man who gets quite a lesson in what is really important in life.

Richard Thomas shows some of the qualities that made him such a hit as John Boy in The Waltons. He gives a very good account of himself in scenes with Paul and Joanne.

Nascar Dads and Moms will like Winning, there's enough in the plot to satisfy all concerned.

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