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Amanda Peet as Mia
Bonnie-Jill Laflin as Club Dancer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tripper0 3 / 10

not very good.....

I'll be blunt and to the point. This film is not good at all. The film buff part of me hated the acting, script, story, direction and almost all of the editing. Amanda Peet has proven that she can act, as she was a high point of 'The Whole Nine Yards'. So she should have avoided this movie with a ten foot pole. However, the infantile part of me found this film to be very funny. If you can forget about how underpar the production quality is, and if you find smut jokes funny, then you should be all right. And for those of you who can't get off your pedestal, thats your choice. My inner child hasen't died, and I laughed a fair bit. Even then, only a 3 out of ten, because as a movie, it really does stink.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

The Dispute

In New York, Brad (Brian Van Holt), Zeke (Zorie Barber) and Jonathan (Jonathan Abrahams) are wolves and best friends. They meet each other once a week together with their married friend Eric (Judah Domke) to tell theirs dates, affairs and sex experiences along the week. Brad and Zeke are greater lovers and Jonathan loves to self-masturbate. One day, each one of them discloses to the others that has met the perfect girlfriend. Indeed, they discover that their girlfriends is the same woman called Mia (Amanda Peet). Their dispute for Mia will affect their friendship.

"Whipped" is a feminist view of "American Pie" and the lead male characters seem to be the teenagers of "American Pie" that are now grown up men. The vulgar and scatological jokes of this low comedy and the male chauvinism of the group of male friends seem to be inspired in the American Pie´s style. However, there are many funny moments if the viewer shutdown his or her brain and will be highly entertaining for the fans of movies like "American Pie". A funny surprising end will conclude the plot. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Elas Só Pensm Naquilo!" ("They Just Think About That!")

Reviewed by bcalj 1 / 10

The worst film of all time.

It just seems bizarre that someone read this script, and thought, "This is funny! I mean, it's so hilarious it just has to be made!" Who was this person? Is he or she the person really responsible for this? Are they the one's who owe me for my time, more so than the director/writer?

This film stinks in most every way possible. There's no one shred of good dialogue, and not one likable character. And the story...

I prefer the 2nd worst movie ever, Hulk Hogan's "No Hold's Barred" to this by quite a considerable degree. It seems almost Shakespearen in comparison.

The ending is padded out with several minutes of outtakes, and it's still under 80 minutes. The outtakes include cast members laughing at the 'hilarious' mistakes they've made, and things that went wrong on the set of this 'comedy.' Glad to see someone laughing in someway, with some connection to this 'film.'

Nothing in this film is funny. Nothing. It just goes on, and on. It's truly that lame. I love films that are so bad they're good. This is so bad it's...something, but I don't know what, and hopefully will never find out.

Amanda Peet doesn't suck outright, and is in fact the only half good thing about this wannabe film. But, that really means little.

Avoid at all costs.

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