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Kirk Cameron as Kirk Cameron
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Unlimitedmovies 2 / 10

He Meant Well But Kirk Cameron Didn't Deliver

We knew this was a documentary and not a Christian movie like Fireproof. What it looks like is a long commercial for Liberty University and a well-meaning but undelivered movie about crisis in faith. At the beginning Kirk is talking with two administrators with Liberty University. The best part is next: a Vietnam Vet in a wheelchair and the father of a Navy Seal that died in Benghazi share their faith experiences. Then a guy plays a beautiful song. After that the "movie" starts and the boredom begins. I really wanted to like this movie and support this Christian film but I feel that their attempts to film it in an "edgy" style made the movie drag terribly. There were lulls in the film, such as when Eve is getting ready to eat the apple and when Cain is killing Abel. I was getting restless with boredom. I know that Kirk can do better than this and I'm sure his next project will be more developed. He meant well...it just didn't work for us.

Reviewed by BeyondStory 1 / 10

Hilariously stupid

This deluded fellow, Kirk (a name derived from 'church') Cameron (camera-on), is hugely entertaining for the wrong reasons. His retelling of the creation story is especially hilarious, full of passionate wide-eyed wonder and barely contained (but patently well rehearsed) awe for what is insultingly stupid, sexist, patriarchal nonsense. Kirk, this is a very corny piece of work, my friend.

In his risible quest to explain why God allows good and innocent people to die, Kirk simply wasn't bold enough to touch on examples of God's infamous treatment of his creation, such as (to name only one of the more notorious incidents) when HE commanded the Israelites to wipe the Amalekites from the face of the earth, every man woman and child - sorry, except for the young women who had more 'useful' purposes as slaves. Just one of many curious examples of God's celebrated "mysterious plan".

Although Krok never manages to articulate it clearly, the crux of his argument is that God's ways are known only to HIM. HE has HIS reasons, and we will only understand the full extent of HIS mysteries when we are dead. And that, in a nutshell, is the fundamental framework for Christian Faith: believing in the supposed utterances of a contradictory, jealous, wrathful, misanthropic, death-obsessed prankster who places impossible and unwarranted demands and perpetual suffering upon HIS creation for HIS perverse narcissistic amusement.

Of course, the truth is that the biblical God is obviously an image made in the likeness of violent, greedy, self-obsessed mankind.

If you can swallow such bosh, you should have no trouble believing that martyrs from other faiths are rewarded with x number of virgins for their ultimate self-sacrifice. Note the recurring theme of misanthropic patriarchy, and the willingness to believe all manner of nonsense to prove one's unshakable commitment to a form of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual slavery.

The most extraordinarily daft aspect of the whole nonsense, something that is rarely mentioned or tackled, is that God (taken on HIS own terms) must be the ultimate author of all misery and suffering. When Scotty from Denver says in his review that there was no sin to begin with, and evil crept in (because of man) and spoiled God's creation, thereby forcing HIM to find a way of fixing it (by, believe it or not, killing HIS only son - this so-called Loving God seems to have an unshakeable fixation on violent death), he misses the irony that it was God (as the Ultimate Creator) who conceived the conditions and scenario (the trap, in fact) by which mankind was to Fall, after which HE gleefully set about punishing them – endlessly!

Scotty also misses the point that God effectively blames mankind for HIS devious scheme. God, being all-knowing, would have known before he created anything that mankind would fail/fall, and that thousands of years of suffering would be set in motion.

Why? Because it pleased HIM to do so, presumably. It's a scenario devised to ensure that we bow before HIS awesome power lest we be cast into ETERNAL SUFFERING. As if the suffering of life isn't enough, we are threatened by the so-called Loving Father God with endless suffering after death. Charming.

But his Kirkness would have you believe that this is evidence of God's unconditional (?) LOVE, and that every miserable death of every innocent (or not so innocent if you accept God's implicitly hate-filled concept of 'Original SIn') serves a greater and mysterious good, which is apparently the unmitigated tosh of God's unfathomable but necessarily HOLY PLAN.

Absurd. Fatuous. Way to go, Kirk.

Reviewed by inspectorjavert-801-22902 2 / 10

A total waste of time and money.

The adverts and trailers intrigued me, as I have often wondered why God allows bad things to happen to good people. I have heard so many opinions and views from so many people on the topic and thought I would give it a shot.

The first 30 minutes were simply advertisements for Liberty University, a song by a woman that wasn't very good, and a few other speakers that really had nothing to do with the movie itself.

The movie, was finally being screened, was just a brief video representation made based on Genesis. I can tell you right now the question was NOT answered in any way. I get the feeling this was just Kirk Cameron trying to make a few bucks for his family of 6 kids and for $$ to put gas into his huge SUV. Other than that, this was a waste of time and money, and from the reaction I heard from the sold-out theater as they left the screening, I was far from alone in my view.

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