Tumhari Sulu

2017 [HINDI]

Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 7 10 4633

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maulin5 9 / 10

Main Sabkuch Kar Sakti Hai - Vidya.

A Vidya Balan starer film has been released Today. I am a big fan of Vidya. Also, I have huge respect for Manav Kaul as a writer as well as an actor. So, I went for the first day first show! Name a recent film which has good message. Also, it should have finest performances, simple yet engaging story, more than five memorable moments, a song to be remembered, emotional touch, hilarious scenes, characters from surroundings, woman-centric theme, description of how to maintain good relationship with spouse, fresh content & India's best actress in the lead! You have to think more than more :p But after watching this, I guarantee you that you will get satisfaction in all the above criteria.

Vidya Balan has played many characters which are still used by fans while terming her. Another one is just added in the kitty. No one can play Sulu better or even closer to Vidya Balan. She is expressive, loud, smooth, simple, engaging, in short a perfect match to that character! Manav Kaul is supporting her fully. This pair is this year's coolest pair. He delivers a splendid performance. Whether you talk about office scenes or bedroom scenes, he is just superb. Ban Ja Tu Rani is making him a star apart from an actor.

Neha Dhupia & Vijay Maurya give good support. All other are suitable. Character build up has been done superbly. Every caller as well as the lady driver, each character speaks something and adds to the film. That is really rare.

There are several scenes which are totally hilarious. Ashok played by Manav reads a message on phone, and says 'Yaar ye Dr. Batra KO kaise pa-ta chal jata Ha ki Baal jhad rahe hain! Messages aane lage hain!' Hahaha. Also, this one is my favorite, when in excitement Manav buttons up his shirt and starts to rotate it, and suddenly coins started falling from it in the bedroom! For me, It was The Most! Although, Suresh Triveni has given a film of the year if I would say so. Because, I am expecting that it will surely do good business. I was watching some public reviews on YouTube, and everyone is praising it like giving more than 3.5 stars. Some are saying five out of five. Twitter is full of praises too. Vidya will be remembered as Sulu for many years.

In the time, where a woman is being threatened by some people for saying something in the favor of her film, Tumhari Sulu is a must watch. It will help you to think about woman in a more subtle way. Real woman empowerment is what this film says. Feminism is what this film says. Do husbands let their wives to work at radio in night show or even as a driver of OLA? Film says so much but this post is I am feeling too small. Not only men, but the whole society has to give space to women and their thoughts as well as choices. Forget about rest of the world, start changing individually. We want more Sulu and more Ashok in society for better future.

Come and see how far or close you are to be Sulu or her husband Ashok. Positive vibes, excellent message, fantastic performances. No violence, no below the belt. Just a few tear drops and a big smile. Year's best till date. So, 9/10.

Reviewed by prafullasrivastav 7 / 10

RJ Vidya is the USP of this movie

After Lage raho Munna Bhai, RJ Vidya Balan is back with maturity and positive attitude towards life. Writer and director Suresh Triveni has added beautiful moments from common man's life. Great Good-Night punches through out. Manav and Neha are another big pillar of this movie. Women empowerment and fighter spirit is another key area of the cinema. Music was good especially Tu meri Rani.

Good: Must watch for middle class couples

Bad: Direction and Script was dull in second half especially at climax.

Reviewed by aakashgupta-alg 8 / 10

Bollywood should come up with more such stories

Worth spending 2+ hours on this refreshing flick. The story is similar to a modern-day fairy tale.

Vidya, as the carefree house-wife, who wants to do something different is refreshing. Manav Kaul as the doting husband & father who is frustrated at work, has a very understated performance. Felt like Neha's performance as Maria was quite a caricature.

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