Touched by Romance



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Ernie Hudson as Dr. Beck
Sam Page as Justin
Doris Roberts as Norma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gailho 5 / 10

Mixed Feelings

I like sappy movies and this can be classified as such. What bothers me about this story is Emma. She is a nurse. And first let me be honest as well.. I am a hospice nurse. I don't quite like the way she is forcing her desires on Norma her patient. She wants Norma to undergo treatment which is something she wants but what does Norma want. That is the question. How much quality of life will she have if she undergoes treatment. How much longer will she live. I guess I'm bias being a hospice nurse but there is so much more to living than the length of time one lives, there is sadness, yes, of course but there is the joy of a life well lived. It is to see your love one passing into the next life knowing that they were ready, that they loved you to the end. We, the living, are to show them love till their dying breath and to carry on passing this love on to the next generation. Of course, we know that Norma ultimately rejects completing her treatment. I'm not giving away more of the story. It all ends "happy". I want to say, I cannot write a whole lot here. In real life, there are unknown factors. I'm just stating how I feel about one particular issue I have with the philosophy of this movie. I don't want to argue with anyone about how I feel. I respect anyone's differing opinion. I am just expressing mine. Thank you.

Reviewed by dianacara-75301 9 / 10

Touching and delightful

Delightfully moving, worthy of one's time. It captured and held my attention from the beginning. A thoughtfully well written script, beautifully produced with a lovely and talented cast that touched me with their performances.

"touched by romance" like life is a journey, as it unfolds it allows that each of us has the power to make life a meaningful, technicolored adventure.

"touched by romance" offers that feelings are complicated, some unconscious, some on the surface, but all need understanding to lovingly assist each of us along the way to recognize our true worth.

My only disappointment, which I often have with television dramas, as well as its "romantic comedies", I am left desiring a bit more closure to the individual characters stories as the movie concludes.

Reviewed by crazyonyou-02466 5 / 10

It was okay

There are a few things I liked about this film, forcing it to be a romance was not one of them. The "relationship" Emma had with Justin was forced and came out of nowhere for me, there was not enough build up to make it believable. The relationship she had with Norma was great though, I enjoyed watching that story develop and cared about how it ended up. I dont feel like we got any background or real understanding of the broken relationship with Norma and Justin though, I have no idea what happened there. Overall it was a little slow and underdeveloped but I stuck it out. I liked the sets and backdrop though and the acting was good.

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