To Your Last Death


Action / Animation / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7 10 2462

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William Shatner as The Overseer
Ray Wise as Cyrus DeKalb
Damien C. Haas as Ethan DeKalb
Bill Moseley as Pavel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nestorv-38243 8 / 10

Its like Archer meets Saw meets Happy Death Day

Found this by happy accident. and it is a pretty bonkers little movie. Not perfect but I really enjoyed it. I think the coolest thing is that the story kept changing. I thought things would go one way but boy was I wrong. I really enjoyed that aspect of the film.

I thought the fasmily members was pretty well done and I really felt for the lead girl being put through this crazyness. Now you got to give it up for Ray Wise who is just diabolical in the role of the father with a serious grudge against his kids. Not to be too spoilery but let's just say that they wrecked his polticial ambitions and now he's dyeing and well, he's got scores to settle. All the voice talent was great and hearing Captain Kirk narrate the story was damn cool, I had a Star Trek flashback for sure. Oh and I should mention the score which sounds like it could have been a Terminator sequel,but I mean that in the best way the score is really good.

What didn't I like. Well one character dies kind of early that I really wanted to see more of. You expect that character will come back given the time-travel nature of this film but no. Felt like a cheat. maybe the writers did that deliberately just because people would expect that. I wanted a bit more understanding of who the gambler's are. I think they were like gods or maybe devils. I thought act 3 was pretty cool with a ton of violence and lunacy which I actually laughed at loud because it got so over the top. but I was a bit disappointed by the very end of the film and I cannot say more because spoilers but let's just say I felt that the lead girl's reward would have been a bit less bleak. There were also a couple sequences I felt seemed maybe a bit repetitive but the movie does center around the idea of time travel and do-overs like Happy Death Day.

I should also mention the animation which was really cool. The best part is that it felt like a graphic novel come to life like a motion comic but way way better. The movie was made to look like a comic book even with seeing panel lines in places. I thought this was clever and also it made the handdrawn art look really cool which I really appreciate because this movie would have sucked if it was CGI.

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed this but I would caution not for kids! This movie is bloody and has some serious adult theme's in it. Adult Swim or Netflix I can def see this as a series in fact it seems to lend itself to that because it''s pretty clear this story can continue.

Reviewed by benjaminbeck-41656 9 / 10

Insane Gory Awesomeness

Wow, where do I even begin with this one? Here's what you need to know.

1) The script is freaking GREAT. These writers deliver. This script is SO good. There are so many twists, and all of them I bought because of the depth of character. All the characters in this movie feel dimensional and realistic. They all are complex and have real-world trouble and moral ambiguity. I felt more for these 2D people than I have for a lot of live action horror movies lately. Kudos to the writers big time.

2) The voice talent is through the roof. From the Shat's opening monlogue, to the gorgeous Inara from Firefly as the evil mystery woman, the performances are amazing. Special mention to Ray Wise whom you may remember as Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks as the sadistic family patriarch.

3) The pacing is relentless (in a good way.) I was actually breathless by the end of this movie. My heart was beating fast. It was a ride.

4) The themes. The movie actually has something to say. There's a lot going on here and the movie doesn't shy away from making a few political points at the expense of the monied class. In that way this movie reminded me a lot of Parasite, except I enjoyed this one way more. Another theme has to do with whether or not we are all just pawns of a bunch of degenerate gods. Seriously. Trust me on this, it's awesome.

5) the animation. OK so I'm split on this. On the one hand it reminds me of Metalocalyspe meets Scooby Doo And it works for the story being told. I was never pulled out of the story because the art or animation wasn't cutting it. That said, this is a film that is clearly indie geek supreme to the max and you just know every dollar is up on the screen so no this is not Pixar, so don't expect that. This is a obviously a bunch of geeks who wanted to make the most insane movie they could, and they brought it with the $ they had.

6) Make sure you watch to the very end.

Give this one a chance you will be glad you did. I am still thinking about it two days later!

Reviewed by umimelectric 7 / 10

Cartoon bloodbath

While not a masterpiece, how could anyone rate it only 1 star? That's confusing to me, as it seems a lot of care was put into producing this. Some people seem to have a problem with the animation, but I kind of like it. It's more of a comic-book art style full of gore and murder, and that appeals to me a lot more than Japanese animation does, even if the excessive blood isn't exactly what I look for in a movie. I'm not much for the torture porn, but this film balances it nicely with dark humor and an atmosphere of dread and anxiety. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but it's definitely not boring, and I give it 7/10 for at least being an original animated horror feature within the manhunt sub-genre, and not just another remake of something old.

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