Theater of Blood


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 9634

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Diana Rigg as Edwina Lionheart
Vincent Price as Edward Kendal Sheridan Lionheart
Diana Dors as Maisie Psaltery
Joan Hickson as Mrs. Sprout
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

The Third Film in a Very Delightful Series... Sort Of

Vincent Price plays Lionheart, an actor who specializes in Shakespeare. But he's been getting bad reviews, and did not receive the Critics Circle award. There's only one thing to do: kill off each of the critics in a style modeled after a Shakespearean death.

Although not a Phibes film, this is clearly in the same grouping as "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" and its sequel, coming only one year later, and following much the same formula: a man who was thought dead goes after those who wronged him in a methodical manner (here, Shakespeare) and with a female assistant. They also asked Robert Fuest to direct, clearly trying to make the picture as similar as possible.

There are some great scenes, and for me none more memorable than Price's disguise as Butch, the effeminate hair dresser. In general, the whole idea of hippie, homeless slaves (who seem to like big mustaches and afros) is just plain silly, but works in this case.

Price is alleged to have loved this role, and Diana Rigg (who plays his daughter) is said to find this her favorite role. I have to say I prefer "Phibes", but there's never a bad time for Vincent Price, especially when he's on killing spree.

Reviewed by gorf 1 / 10

Theater of Boredom

Theater of Blood is for some strange reason called one of Vincent Price's best movies, but I personally think it's one of his worst (it's only beaten by From a whisper to a scream aka The Offspring). The best and scariest part is the opening scene where the first victim is chased by crazy hobos. The rest of the movie is just boring...I had to fight to stay awake.

It's also a very sadistic and cruel movie, especially when they force the fat gay guy to eat his own dogs. It's probably supposed to be funny, but I thought it was disturbing and sick.

Skip this garbage and watch House on the Haunted Hill or House of Wax instead.

Reviewed by GL84 10 / 10

Price's best performance and film ever

After several top movie critics are viciously killed, the police discover it is the followers of a celebrated Shakespearean actor thought dead and ordering them to assist in his revenge on critics who savaged his work and race to stop him before his revenge is complete.

This is one of the finest and most enjoyable efforts in his career. First and foremost, it must be said that this is Vincent Price's movie. Here, he delivers one of his finest performances to date, and it's simply a joy to see Price perform so splendidly in what was obviously a role written specifically for him. That makes his performance all the more watchable, as he's supposed to be acting ham which is due to the way the film carries itself out. The way the plot dictates matters makes it all the more watchable as it's quite fun to see how ham Price can be this involving a Shakespearean actor seeking revenge on movie critics for harmful reviews is a role Price was born to play, and in here it really works for the film. Besides the greatness of Price's role, the film is memorable for the method of murder as being one of the most creative and imaginative in horror cinema. Because of the way Price's character is written, basing the deaths on the movie the critic bashed, this is further proof of Price's genius in the role as the deaths are so much fun to watch, yet require a large amount of intelligence on the viewer to deduce what is going on with the deaths. That is quite a change and one that is quite welcomed in the film by giving this the kind of atmosphere to allow for quite an impressive time here. There are a couple of great action pieces in here that are quite entertaining going off of that, featuring a duel at a fencing school which is inventive and exhilarating going back and forth between the fighters, a stellar series of gruesome deaths as well as the opening attack in the theater which is an effective way to get the movie rolling and delivers lots of chills. The other big plus here comes from one of the best finales in a long while which includes a spectacular gathering and the overall burning-down-the-building finish that offers a rather touching finish. These make this one a blast to watch while not really offering up too many flaws. It's biggest problem is that this is a little bit more intelligent than what most of the usual horror fans are used to since the viewer is required to know Shakespeare and his works, for that drives most of the horror in here. Knowing that will increase the level of involvement in the script as well since the large amount of detail in here is not something for those that have very little experience with the works of Shakespeare to just get into. Otherwise, this is a great film.

Today's Rating/R: Graphic Violence and Language.

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