The Tooth Fairy

2006 [GERMAN]

Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 1511

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Lochlyn Munro as Peter Campbell
Ben Cotton as Henry
Steve Bacic as Cole
Nicole Muñoz as Pamela Wagner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 / 10

Slasher Surprisingly Gore

Darcy Wagner (Chandra West) and her ten-and-a-half-year-old daughter Pamela "Pammy" (Nicole Muñoz) are heading to the bred and breakfast of her boyfriend Peter Campbell (Lochlyn Munro) in the River Bend Road in Northern California. Peter has quited his career of doctor and bought an old house to have a calmer life and write a book. When Darcy stops at a gas station to ask for direction, she has an abusive treatment from the owners, the Hammond Brothers. Meanwhile Peter welcomes his first guest, the student Stephanie "Star" Roberts (Carrie Anne Fleming), while he works with his friend Bobby Boulet (Jesse Hutch) repairing the house. When Darcy and Pamela arrive, he explains that he had a dispute in the justice with the Hammond Brothers and asks Darcy to forget the incident. Soon Pamela befriends the girl Emma (Jianna Ballard) in the barn and she tells that the house belonged to the Tooth Fairy Witch that killed many children to get their milk-teeth; further, Pamela would be in danger since she still has her last milk-tooth. Pamela tells Emma's story to her mother and Peter, but they do not believe in her. But when their friends are slaughtered in the house, Darcy and Peter start to believe that something supernatural is happening in the house.

"The Tooth Fairy" is a surprisingly gore slasher with terrible story and screenplay. The cast has good performances but the story is poorly written. One point that irritates me in this type of movie is the indifference of characters with the death of someone close to them. For example, Bobby is slaughtered in one scene and forgotten in the next ones by Peter, Darcy and Pamela. Cherise is slaughtered in a room and her boyfriend Cole wants to get laid with Star Robert immediately after with the butchery still in one room. There are several unexplained deaths (Bobby, Cherise, Cole, Chuck and Ben and their mad sister) and there is no consequences or investigation. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Lenda Maldita" ("Damned Legend")

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 4 / 10

There's no money, but she's got an axe!

Darcy and her young daughter Pamela are heading out to the country where her mum's boyfriend Peter left his doctor's position in the city to become a writer and fix up a bed and breakfast inn. Although this inn has a terrible past and Pamela learns from one the girl's who lives in the town that a deformed witch once reside in that house. They called her the 'Tooth Fairy' as she would kill kids after getting their last baby tooth. This work on the inn, has awoken the 'Tooth Fairy'. Now she has her sights on Pamela and her last baby tooth, but if any gets in the way they face the same fate that awaits Pamela.

This flick's old folk myth of the 'Tooth Fairy' doesn't paint her in a very generous way, as you would believe when you were a child. Don't they just love turning happy childhood memories into nightmares! Another one which did fall into the same category was "Darkness Falls (2003)". I can't compare how similar they are in the premises, because I haven't seen the latter, but I mostly read they have basically share the same idea. For a little straight to DVD film, this DTV effort looks good and has some promising images surrounding the senseless and traditionally by the book plot device. Low expectations are needed, as I wouldn't class it as an success, but I found it be to marginally entertaining.

Cory Strode and Cookie Rae Brown's story or background for this 'Tooth Fairy' character is completely bare with it leaning more towards a slasher vehicle than anything really supernatural. Silly is a good way to describe what's happening in this poorly scripted story, but it never really feels like a fairytale horror. The dialogues can seem rather redundant and morally hounded. While the acting is simply sub-par with the bland characters they have to work off, but director Chuck Bowman offers up some inventive blood splatter and terribly nasty jolts. This kinda makes up for the lack of suspense, the zero scares and generic tone. His direction is reasonably earnest and visually able, where he gets some atmospheric lighting contrasting well with its slick photography. The promising opening scene is creepily effective. His pacing can slow up in parts and there's the odd and unnecessary slow-motion scene put in, but nonetheless it never gets too stodgy with something active occurring which made sure that I wasn't bored.

The make-up special effects provided the goods, as there's enough repulsive gruel and the Tooth Fairy's appearance is especially gooey. The figure of the tooth Fairy can look threatening in its black robe, bubbling make-up and swift movements. Being on location helps carve out a more natural feel and can get atmospherically rich in its sense of eeriness. Child actors can be incredibly annoying, but Nicole Muñoz was decent in her part. Lochlyn Munro and Chandra West are somewhat solid, but can be a little too causal in their performances as Peter and Darcey. The radiantly gorgeous Carrie Anne Fleming is one of their lodgers. P.J Soles shows up in small part as a superstitious neighbour who tries to warn them about the evil that lurks at the inn.

I thought it was a okay time-waster that has a sound concept, which just isn't fleshed out enough and the execution is pretty textbook stuff. Watchable nonsense, but at the same time extremely forgettable.

Reviewed by wrlang 4 / 10

Not terrible

The Tooth Fairy is about the ghost of an old deformed witch that lures children to her house to get a prize for their loose tooth and then takes their lives. The first few minutes introduce you to the 1949 beginning of the legend of the tooth fairy and then switches to present day. The worn out horror plot is pretty much saved by the solid acting. They could have done without the Hammond brothers and a few other scenes, but overall the gore scenes were bloody but quick which had a minimizing effect. The eye candy is pretty good for both genders. Camera work is good. Dialog is fair but cheesy. I expected the film to be a bare bones, low budget, slasher with very few redeeming factors. I was surprised by the quality of the film.

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