The Ten Commandments


Action / Adventure / Biography / Drama / Fantasy / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.9 10 63608

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bsmith5552 9 / 10

DeMille Goes Out on Top!

"The Ten Commandments" was Producer/Director Cecil B. DeMille"s 80th and final film in the Director's chair. In a career that began in 1914 with "The Squaw Man", this was arguably his best film. It tells the biblical story of Moses with all the spectacle and glamour one could expect. The special effects, including the parting of the Red Sea are legendary. The film runs almost four hours and is divided into two main parts.

The first part deals with Moses' life as an Egyptian prince and ends with his first encounter with God on the Mount Sinai.

An edict issued by Rameses I (Ian Keith) decreed that all first born Hebrew children were to be slain in order to kill the promised deliverer of the Hebrew people. Moses is saved by his mother Yochabel (Martha Scott) who places him in a basket and sets it afloat in the Nile. Egyptian princess Bithiah (Nina Foch), the daughter of the Pharaoh saves the Hebrew baby, names him Moses and takes him as her own swearing her sinister servant Memnet (Judith Anderson) to secrecy.

Moses grows to be Charlton Heston having distinguished himself in battle and winning the favor of the new Pharaoh, Sethi (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) over his natural son Rameses (Yul Brynner). Both men seek the favor of Princess Nefretiri (Anne Baxter) who is to marry the next Pharaoh. When Moses builds Sethi's new city and gains further influence with Sethi, Memmnet decides to expose Moses as a Hebrew. Nefretiri intercedes and kills the old servant but leaves Moses' swaddling blanket in full view. Moses discovers his heritage and renounces his privileged position. Rameses is now the new Pharaoh as Rameses II and banishes Moses to the desert.

Moses manages to cross the desert and comes upon the camp of the shepherd Jethro (Eduard Franz) and his seven daughters one of whom, Sephora (Yvonne DeCarlo) Moses marries and with whom he has a son. Life goes on until Moses is drawn to Mount Sinai where he encounters a burning bush through which God directs Moses to return to Egypt and free his people.

Part 2 of the story follows Moses' efforts to free his people. To do so, He causes the Nile river to turn red, brings several plagues upon the Egyptians and finally causing the first born of every Egyptian family, including Rameses II' s own son to die. Moses and his people are released from bondage and begin the pilgrimage to the Promised Land. However, Rameses decides to send his chariots after the group to slay them. But following the celebrated parting of the Red Sea, they are swallowed up and drown. Rameses then decides to let the Hebrews go their way even though Nefretiri maintains her love for Moses.

When Moses and the Hebrews reach Mount Sinai, Moses goes up the mountain for 40 days and nights to await God's further direction. Meanwhile the slimy Dathan (Edward G. Robinson) fires up the crowd convincing them that Moses has abandoned them. With the help of Moses' brother Aaron (John Carradine). they build a golden cow as a false god.

Moses is meantime receiving the ten commandments of God from the master. Moses decends the mountain and is furious when he sees the Golden Calf and all the sinful activity around it. He loses it and....................................................................................................

This film made star Charlton Heston a major star and cemented his career as a biblical/ middle ages type leader. Brynner is excellent as Rameses and conveys a certain regal quality in his role . Robinson is good as the evil Dathan who takes the young Lilia (Debra Paget) unto himself in order to free Joshua (John Derek) from death. Anne Baxter is suitably seductive as Nefratiri.

Other notables in the large cast include DeMille regulars Henry Wilcoxen, Julia Faye, Francis McDonald and Olive Deering as well as, Vincent Price as the Master Builder Baka who also covets Lilia, Douglas Dumbrille, Frank DeCova, and John Miljan as the blind man.

It is interesting to note that Marsha Scott played Charlton Heston's mother both here and in "Ben-Hur" (1959) while Olive Deering played a character named Miriam both here and in "Samson and Delilah" (1949).

Reviewed by shanalishah 10 / 10

Food for Thought

This film is about that great event that happened approximately 3000 years ago from today, God has created men independent and self-sufficient, and has advised him to live in rules of God. But some insults enslaved man, this film is about Egypt's that time when Pharaoh of Egypt had made slave the Israelites living there, they used to build their city by oppressing them, Israelites follow Abraham's religion they believe a messiah from God will free them from Pharaoh. One day a little angel is born in the Yoshebel's house and Pharaoh hear the prediction about a child birth in Israelites who will uprising against his empire orders that kill all new born boys of Israelites, for the save his child Yoshebel put his son in a basket and adrift in Nile river. Pharaoh's daughter Bithiah who is widow and childless finds that basket feeling happy and adopt the boy her servant Memnet warn her because of the cloth the child wrap out it's belong to Israelites but Bithiah ignore that and names the baby Moses and Moses growup in Pharoah's palace. Moses becomes young and becomes a very brave and general of the Egypt's army, he wins the battle against Ethiopia, he loves with princess Nefretiri who will be wife of next Pharoah. Pharoah asked Moses to build new city and asked Remeses to find matrix for which Israelites is looking for. Once Moses arrives to the city. He won the heart of Israelites with the way he treated them. He allows to take leave on weekend and provide full food to everyone. Remeses started propaganda about this act as Moses is planning to uprising. Pharoah reached at that city to confirm Moses act but get impressed by the build he made. Once it get published revealed that Pharoah is going to announce Moses as his next pharoah for that nation. Memnat met to Nefretiri and informed her that Moses didn't take birth in this palace. He is the son of Israelites. She also showed the cloth in which Moses was raped in his when they found him. Nefretiri killed Memnat to make it secret but at that time Moses arrives and finds that cloth. On his several asking Nefretiri reveal the truth that he is the son of Youshabel not Bithiah. Bithiah met to Youshabel as she hinted that Moses was going to visit his own house. She asked Youshabel to migrate her family as earliest as she can but Moses reached their while their conversation. On asking to Youshabell he got know the truth. Moses started to live with Israelites to get understand the logic that why a man has to be slave to another. He started working with labor. One day a soldier had killed by him to save another labor Joshuva. Remeses get him arrest as he knew the act of Moses and represent himself as the matrix of Israelites for people are waiting for. Pharoah announced Remeses as a next pharoah and asked him to punish Moses by himself. Remeses leaved Moses in a long desert with one day food as he wanted him to die by own self. Moses gets save himself by the blessing of God and reached a village Midian where he met Jethro's 7 daughters. Moses helped these daughters at a moment on that mark Jethro asked him to marry one of his daughter and he settled there. At that village there was a mountain named Sinai, people rumors about that God is in that mountain but Moses couldn't understand that theory. One day Joshuva reached there and he found Moses and asked him to return back to Egypt, the condition became worst. While the conversation Moses found an unnatural movement at mountain, he saw fire inside a tree but that fire didn't burn. He asked Joshuva to take rest and he went to that mountain. Where he hear the Voice of God. God asked him to leave for Egypt to save people life from Pharoah. Moses cames to pharoah and asked to free his people. Pharoah denied. Moses throws his stick to show the curse of God which transform into the snake. Pharoah laughed and asked Jannes for the same trick. But the Moses's snake eaten all others. Pharoah still denied. After that Egypt went through God cursed. Water became poison for 7 days, Mosquitoes & insects attacked the people of Egypt. Rain felt with thunderstorm. But Remeses denied fulfilling his wishes and he ordered to kill the first born of all Israelites. But that act return to Egypt Peoples. Remeses's child also died. Finally Remeses released all the Israelites. Moses brings them out from Egypt behind Remeses follow them with his army to attack. At the Neel River Moses got the way in river by the Blessing of God. And all of his people reached to other side. Remeses also asked their army to cross that way but River's wall get closer and they all died. Moses reached to Mount Sinai and asked people to stay as he can get the message of God to visit the peak. Moses didn't come for many days. People start constructed a golden calf for pray. When Moses return with Ten Commandments in written by God he found people in that condition. Moses throw stone to golden calf and destroy also people were praying also get died. After 40 years, Aged Moses asked people to go to the Canaan in the leadership of Joshuva. And he walks alone.

Reviewed by gridoon2018 7 / 10

The Hollywood epic at its zenith

Cecil B. DeMille's last film (as a director) is an unparalleled spectacle. The sheer scale of the production and the amount of extras in the crowd scenes are mind-boggling. It also makes expressive, painterly use of color, and boasts groundbreaking special effects which deservedly won the Oscar (the parting of the Red Sea is an iconic sequence). Besides all the spectacle, it has some strong dramatic moments and much of the dialogue is literate, though at other times it can get pompous or campy ("What kingdom are you from?" - "The kingdom of the most High"!). The film can fill you with disgust not only at the inhuman treatment of the slaves (which probably was DeMille's intention), but also at God's unbelievable cruelty of mass-murdering Egypt's firstborns (which probably wasn't DeMille's intention). And the depiction of wickedness and evil as basically a wild party where everybody has fun and nobody is harmed (well, except for a potential sacrifice I guess!) is good for a laugh. Yul Brynner and Vincent Price stand out in the exceptionally large cast. *** out of 4.

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