The Reading Room



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 606

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billion_mucks 9 / 10

Underlooked Emotional Masterpiece

I barely watch Hallmark, but "Reading Room" captivated me and Im trying to move every single soul into seeing it.

It's story is simple: a man who opens a place to read in a difficult neighborhood. Along the way, he will find people against his will and problems, but his ultimate desire is revealed as why he opened the reading room and left his wealthy life behind.

James Earl Jones is magical. He doesn't act, he illustrates marvelously every single feeling needed and written. His character is lovable and strongly human. His persistence and motivation to change the course of some lives are uplifting. I cannot think in a movie this simple that moved me so much. I recommend it with much passion.

Reviewed by pjdw2005 9 / 10

Highly recommended for ages 12 and up

The Reading Room is another example of good writing, directing and acting without the need for provocative dress or behavior or language that makes even sailors blush. The movie jacket description although enticing did not do the film justice. I expected a mediocre film that was interesting and found myself enthralled in a well written story that made me feel as if I were a tourist visiting the inner city for the first time. As I "evesdropped" beside the unnamed tattooed man who stood outside the Reading Room beneath the lamppost (who IS that man?) the entire movie unfolded before "us" as we stood mesmerized by the happenings and how each character interacted with the others. There was one disturbing scene of "injury" that may be upsetting to a young child or persons in abusive relationships but over all the movie is interesting without being offensive and provides a good life lesson for all.

Reviewed by shneur 7 / 10

A "goodness story" for the Holiday Season

This actually wasn't bad for a Hallmark Campbell soup pre-Christmas sentimental tale, which of course is a lot a caveats. James Earl Jones is a retired African-American businessman who returns to the ghetto where he grew up to open a free "reading room." This was his dying wife's last wish, and its prescience is revealed to him, and to us, as time goes on. The protagonist is surprised to find that, though a native, he is regarded as an unwelcome outsider by many elements within his old neighborhood. James Earl Jones gives an outstanding performance which saves the film from being merely sappy, and Douglas Spain, as his young and often reluctant protégé, is a real stand-out. The limited budget of a made-for-TV movie is evident, but it was used prudently and the result is a warm story that's easy to watch.

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