The Public Eye


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 65%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 3370

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Jared Harris as Danny the Doorman
Joe Pesci as Leon Bernstein
Barbara Hershey as Kay Levitz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sg60 9 / 10

I really like this film a lot.

I first saw The Public Eye about ten years ago knowing nothing about it in advance. This movie has really stayed with me over the years. It's very rich in atmosphere and I really bought into the characters. The whole cast was strong and the writing was very good. I read one review that complained that the romance wasn't believable. On the surface that might be understandable but the quality of the acting and the writing completely erased the issue for me. The 1940's setting was portrayed very effectively and the music added so much to the story. The scene with Kay Levitz going through Bernzini's photo album was very moving and captured the whole story in a nutshell for me. I strongly recommend this forgotten gem.

Reviewed by MarioB 8 / 10

One of the best USA movie of the 1990's

This is a wonderful piece of work. The visual look of the movie is simply fantastic. But it should had been better if it was in black and white! In this case, Public Eye could be seen as a 1930's gangster movie. But the color of this movie looks like black and white. This film had anything I love about the Bogart, Robinson and Cagney movies. It's also give a chance to Joe Pesci to plays perhaps the role of his life. He's fabulous! Hard cigar smoking little guy ain't afraid of anything to have a good photography. He thinks big cities photos is art. He's also very moving, in the way Ernest Borgnine was in Marty, when he falls in love with wonderful Barbara Hershey. This is a great movie, one of the best American movie of the 1990's.

Reviewed by Anakin-15 9 / 10

An unappreciated film

I was stunned by this movie when I saw it, because I'd never heard of it before and it was so excellent. Joe Pesci puts in possibly the best performance of his career, far different than many of his other roles (in other words, he doesn't play a little angry, cursing mobster). Another great actor, Barbara Hershey, also puts in a great performance. The film is directed with subtle but powerful artistry. There are actually themes in this movie! Metaphors! Basically, it's just plain great, but of course totally overlooked because it's not your typical overdone Hollywood film. My favorite scenes are these: the part in the middle of the gun battle when Pesci's character gets a gun pointed at his head, but can only respond by lifting up his camera and taking a picture, and the very final scene when Pesci's buddy tries to turn off his police scanner and he says, "You can't turn it off." A great film.

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