The Phantom Speaks


Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 93

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vivekmaru45 5 / 10

A haunting and unique paranormal horror film ahead of its time.

Review of The Phantom Speaks 1945 by Vivek Maru. This is a paranormal horror film. It is based on the concept of the soul surviving even after death. The movie itself is ahead of its time. Some modern viewers may find the setting of the film not to their taste. However the mid 1940's movie had its own particular charm. I found the background music score inadequate and not suited to the movie. Certain elements of suspense and horror are to be found wanting as this was a heavily censored film because films at that time could not show too much graphic violence and depravity as today's horror movies do.

This film has a moral: play with matches and you will get burnt. This is not a sugar-coated ending type of film as many would expect. The film's ending will haunt you. I consider this movie a rare oddity and one of its kind. A remake of this movie by an intelligent director should appeal to today's generation of viewers.

Reviewed by utgard14 7 / 10

"Ok. So I killed a rat."

Excellent B supernatural thriller from Republic about an executed killer (Tom Powers in a strong performance) who returns from the grave to possess a paranormal researcher (Stanley Ridges) in order to get revenge on those who wronged him. This story is similar to the earlier Universal crime/horror mashup Black Friday, which also starred Ridges. Richard Arlen plays the reporter out to get to the bottom of everything. He's ok but Powers and Ridges are the real stars. Definitely worth a look for the classic horror fan who thinks he's seen everything.

Reviewed by wdixon 10 / 10

Typically Brilliant Republic 1940s Supernatural Thriller

I just caught up with THE PHANTOM SPEAKS yesterday, and it's one of a group of disturbing, yet riveting hour long thrillers that Republic produced in the mid 1940s, along with such films as VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES, THE MYSTERIOUS MR. VALENTINE, and THE VAMPIRE'S GHOST; short, evocative, and deeply atmospheric. While Republic's serials dealt in nonstop action, and their Westerns offered up the artificially cheerful spectacle of Roy Roger and family in a seemingly endless series of singing westerns, Republic's hour long programmers are melancholy, paranoid, world weary, and genuinely disturbing. Directed by such superb veterans as Phil Ford, Leslie Selander, and in this case, John English, Republic's "B" films offered the viewer a vision of the world as a vast, bleak, and friendless place, inhabited only the corrupt and powerful, and their unwilling victims. Superb direction by English, with Tom Powers excellent as the ruthless killer, and the ever reliable Stanley Ridges both sympathetic and harrowing as his dupe. Watch for an uncredited Kenne Duncan in the opening scene as Powers's victim. All of these films, needless to say, should be available on DVD.

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