The New Mutants


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 23966

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Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair
Marilyn Manson as Voice of Smiling Man
Alice Braga as Dr. Reyes
Adam Beach as Dani's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roflmeao 4 / 10

Worse than I expected

I went in with low expectations and yet still left disappointed. I'd like to say something positive but I really can't think of anything right now. The plot, dialogue, characters, acting, cinematography, lighting, everything was just awful.

I don't usually take note of accents in movies, if the characterisations are fine then I usually just gloss over them. It says a lot that even I noticed how bad and inconsistent these were.

The backstories were glossed over and only partially explored for the most part with glaring holes in most of them.

The "hospital" setting was not set up, explained, or even logically consistent. If you don't know who is behind it with a certain name drop, then you won't get any answers here.

Just bad. Bad and a waste of your time. Watch literally anything else. Go for a walk. Play with your dog. Live life. Don't watch this.

Reviewed by owyxva 1 / 10

made for money

This movie is soulless and dull and so bad, its better off you dont pay this movie any money so we can stop getting stuff like this

Reviewed by dayness 2 / 10

One of the worst super hero movies ever.

Yeah I'm going to get downvoted for this but I honestly believe that it's WORSE than Suicide Squad. The acting is awful, the CGI looks bad, the characters are unlikable, tons of plot holes and the logic is all screwed up. I could go on all day but I've only seen the first X-men movie, Origins: Wolverine (which I need to rewatch tbh), and the two deadpool movies. So when I'm talking about the logic and plot holes, it's from stuff that is unexplained in the movie since this movie gave me little care to find the whole story of The New Mutants. I'm not against the Lesbian stuff shown at all but it does feel rushed and would have been better kept in the sequel. Oh well, it's just another movie that introduces new characters to replace the old ones since these new characters fit the agenda by Hollywood (Like the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and Terminator Dark Fate as examples) today except there are no MaREY sues or Gary Stues thankfully.

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