The Neighbor's Wife and Mine


Action / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 173

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rowerivers 6 / 10

Light Hollywood-like Fare

Japan's first all-talkie is heavily influenced by Hollywood. And that's not a bad thing. It starts off as a Laurel & Hardy style comedy before slipping into sitcom-style antics. The humor is universal, so we don't really need subtitles. Atsushi Watanabe has a hint of Buster Keaton, while Kinuyo Tanaka seems like a kimono-clad Mary Pickford. The Jazz party is a delight as we see the writer slowly fall under the charms of the neighbor's wife (the Madam in the title). The ending works well – very sweet. Director Gosho fully exploits the new technology and paces the film well. If you're looking for the "real" Japan, it's not here. The neighborhood looks like any lakeside resort and the houses also look American on the outside. Overall, light and entertaining.

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10

How To Not Write

This was not, as I had expected, a silent movie, but a full talky: the first, according to the IMDb, produced in Japan. Atsushi Watanabe is a playwright who has just rented a country house and moved there, with his wife, Kinuyo Tanaka, where he is to finish his new play -- which he has barely begun -- within a month. However, as you might expect, this is rather more easily said than done. There are constant interruptions: the friends who helped them move won't leave. The children demand constant attention. Door-to-door salesmen pop by to sell him patent medicines, and there's a jazz band practicing next door, with a modernistic and sexy Satoko Date to arouse the jealousy of the wife.

Gosho was clearly held in high esteem by production company Shochiku, to helm such an important movie, and he acquits himself in his comedy direction very well. Given the timing, it's no wonder that most of the jokes are about noise, their disruption, and a definite nostalgia for the Good Old Days is evident in the movie, even as everyone shrugs their shoulders and admits this is 1931 and we must be modern. Watanabe, who later played many roles, great and small for Kurosawa, is excellent in his role, awkward and gawky and impatient and very real. It's certainly not a great movie, but it remains a very pleasant effort,

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