The Killing Floor


Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 3038

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Shiri Appleby as Rebecca Fay
Reiko Aylesworth as Audrey Levine
Marc Blucas as David Lamont
Tina Benko as Executive #2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arc81 7 / 10

Great mystery, decent thriller. Much better than expected.

I watched this movie with low expectations. There were no ratings on IMDb, I had never heard of any of the actors, and all the reviews were praising it as if it were the best thing ever made; which led me to believe the only people who reviewed this movie were the ones who were working on it. I was wrong. The movie holds a very steady pace for the most part. Not a whole lot happens during the beginning; they tried to make it into a thriller way too early, and were unsuccessful. But about halfway through, the characters and story really started to shine. Just when you think you know who to point fingers at, you realize you're wrong-- again and again. Towards the end, the thrills just keep on coming until the story finally unfolds. It's enough to keep just about anyone's attention.

The acting, writing and directing were 100x better than I thought they would be, especially considering the obvious low budget. My only real complaint was the acting done by Marc Blucas. He just seemed to be over-doing it a bit. Too articulate and too serious about everything he said. Everyone else did a fine job, though. Especially Shiri Appleby. I really hope someone spots her, I'd love to see her again. Her character was spot-on, her acting was top notch, and she's as pretty as can be.

The Killing Floor is about as close as you can come to the border between B movie and Hollywood thriller... without the multi-million dollar budget.

If any of the cast or crew read this.. great job guys!

Reviewed by vlad-cocoru 8 / 10

Quite intense, the ending reveals all

A success and very busy literary agent (David) who has just bought a great penthouse apartment, runs into a strange scenario: someone is stalking him and that really drives him crazy! As the action goes on, he discovers that someone documented his moves quite precisely and that he's rather exposed to the attacker's will.

David is a sporty, strong, determined guy, who unfortunately has to let go his emotional part... In his conception, if you're not straight-forward you can't "make him care". But this determination is his very downfall.

The movie has some interesting twists, the male character is quite dynamic, surprising and rather intelligent. All his interactions are thrilling to watch, so you'll get attracted to the story. All his dialogs with women will at least make you smile.

The actual pulse of this movie is not that high. I sometimes felt that we learn some things that aren't important to the plot. Things get worse as the story advances. Strangely, I think the best part of this movie is the ending. Like in most modern movies, the last 5 minutes reveal everything that you couldn't put together during the story. And get ready for something really surprising.

Another thing to mention in this movie is the soundtrack. Not very spectacular, but perfectly fitting the action.

Gave the movie 8/10 and I definitely consider this one a good way to spend 1h and a half. Try it, it might make you think about people you tend to overlook :)

Reviewed by gosolowe 5 / 10

All Right, But Plot Needs Some Serious Work

I'm surprised there are so many really good reviews of this movie. It really wasn't THAT great. I viewed it on late night cable and honestly, I'm glad I did, as I don't think it's something I'd want to pay money (other than the cable bill) to see.

I will give it credit in that it is suspenseful and generally entertaining. In fact, it was all good until the end, when we find out what is going on, and when what can only be called giant, gaping plot holes are revealed.


For example, we discover in the end that many of characters are in fact desperate NYC actors who were hired by the main character's secretary to psych him out. At first glance, it seems implausible that all these actors are willing to be on-call twenty-four seven and are able to improvise their parts flawlessly for the entire length of the movie without really questioning why they're doing what they are; however, I guess it could happen, so I suppose you could suspend your disbelief.

However, it gets a bit ridiculous at the end of the movie. David Lamont (the main character) and the detective (who isn't actually a detective, but an actor playing one) get into this fist fight as Lamont thinks the detective is the killer and the detective tries to act the part by trying to kill Lamont. For some reason, though, at no point during this 5- 10 min fight scene, does the actor playing the detective stop trying to kill Lamont, even as he is being beaten, battered, and eventually, thrown down a flight of stairs to his death. This one is hard to swallow. I realize the character is suppose to be a desperate out of work actor, but none of the actors I know are so desperate that they would actually risk their lives in a death match and try to commit murder all for that big break. I'm pretty sure in the real world, after the first punch was thrown, any sane individual would say "screw this, I'm going back to waiting tables." The guy has plenty of opportunities to walk away, but even after he is seemingly knocked unconscious, he gets back up and continues to lunge himself at Lamont until his untimely end.

The movie proceeds downhill from there, as Lamont decides instead of calling the police, as any rational person would do, he will take the body to a farm and hack it into pieces to feed to the pigs. However, I'm thinking "isn't this guy suppose to be a mystery novel agent? Surely he must realize that although it may "look" like he is guilty of the murders in the movie, modern forensic science combined with decent detective work could likely implicate the real killer (and that by covering up, he's only making it 100 times worse?)"

All in all, I think I would have actually enjoyed this movie if only it had a plot that was a little bit more feasible. It had all the elements of a good movie - good acting, sets, suspense - in my opinion, however, the unbelievable script, let it down in the end.

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