The Inside Story


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Gene Lockhart as Horace Taylor
Robert Shayne as T.W. 'Tom' O'Connor
Will Wright as J.J. Johnson
Tom Fadden as Ab Follansbee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10

Over-the-Top Old Pros Enliven Economics Lecture

This is a message film, as Dwan's independent post-war work would become increasingly in the 1950s. It struck me as an economics lesson on the velocity of money which I have heard as a one-minute burlesque joke, stretched out to a ninety-minute radio script and then given flawless movie visuals by Allan Dwan and his team. The youngsters play their roles seriously, except for Marsha Hunt, who shows a flair for comedy; I did enjoy the constant abuse of William Lundigan, the most wooden of would-be stars of the 1940s.

The old pros include Charles Winninger, who plays the Cornball Coot; Gene Lockhart, who runs through his apoplectic octuple take several times; Alan Jenkins in full Damon Runyon mode; Roscoe Karns, who reruns his character from IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT; and Florence Bates, who must have ruined many a take bursting out laughing. I know how she felt. I kept giggling, as did the rest of the audience.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 6 / 10

Flashing back to depressing times.

Silver Creek, Vermont is in the depths of the depression, and everybody has to borrow a nickle in order to rub it together with the only other one they have. The plot concerns the misunderstanding of $1000 used to pay a debt when the money wasn't theirs to begin with. This isn't about theft, but greed, desperation, and retribution. A wonderful cast of character performers (most notably Charles Winninger, Florence Bates and Gene Lockhart) surround some younger romantic leads (William Lundigan and Marsha Hunt among them), but it is the portly older folk, who get the juiciest material. Bates, as the town's matriarch, is kind-hearted with most of her creditors, only ruthless when she discovers the shadiness of one of her tenants who cranked up prices in his grocery store after finding out she had raised salaries in her now closed factory, helping send the town into bankruptcy when the depression hit. She stings with lines like, "I'll never forget a face, and I'll always remember both of yours".

There's a Capra-esque feeling to this, with its lesson on greed, a comic case of misunderstanding underlying the dramatic set-up. This seems appropriate to the post war problem of paranoia which was overtaking the country, foreshadowing many problems that had been backburnered when America entered the war, and for that reason, has an important social significance to it. Lockhart is particularly truthful when the greedy storekeeper reminds him of their life-long friendship, to which he responds, "Well, we have known each other for many years", really striking the heart of what friendship is really all about.

Reviewed by RogerMooreTheBestBond 10 / 10

A very relevant movie for all of us in 2020 because of the fear of the Coronavirus

I bought this movie because I have become a fan of Marsha Hunt. I also love Allen Jenkins. It is a wonderful story told by an old man thinking back to the depression. He is telling this story to a man who is worried and wants to keep all his money locked away in a safety deposit box. It made me think of what we are going thru right now. People are afraid to go out of the house. They are afraid to spend their money. Millions are out of work. This film really showed me how important it is to keep the flow going. We need keep the economy going and battle thru this virus situation. The film does a wonderful job of showing the money going from person to person and how it affects their lives. I had no idea what this film was about when I decided to view it. I was just going thru my stack of movies and it was next in line. I would love more people to see this film. It really had a impact on me. The truth is we have to keep moving forward and can not let something that even kills stop us from moving forward and keeping this country afloat. We will face something a lot worse if we continue to hide away in fear. Great film, really inspiring!

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