The Gourmet Detective Eat, Drink & Be Buried


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 650

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Brooke Burns as Maggie
Chris McNally as Douglas Weston
Bruce Boxleitner as Jim Ross
Dylan Neal as Henry Ross
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GreenInkBrigade 4 / 10

Sappy Hallmark Mystery with Inaccuracies

If you like Hallmark cozy mysteries and don't mind a few factual inaccuracies, you'll probably enjoy this one.

If you like your movies more accurate than fantastic, change the channel.

An SFPD detective goes to a remote barn on a farm to exercise her police powers. San Francisco has a distinct shortage of land for farms. The farm would have to be outside of SF County and city jurisdiction. She'd have had to check-in with and partner with the actual local authorities.

She tells chef-boy that all cops keep the chamber of their guns empty. Why would they do that? It's a good way to get killed when someone pulls a gun on you. Not to mention, she never racked the slide on her back-up weapon, so if she "always" keeps the chamber empty, she couldn't have fired the gun at the bad guy who stole hers.

She tells chef-boy that she could tell from the chamber indicator the the bad guy had not racked a round into the chamber. The chamber indicator is usually only a millimeter or two in size and is located near the chamber, a view she did not have from her vantage point, even if she had the eagle eyes needed to see it from that distance.

Cop-girl acted without back up in a remote location. I'm pretty sure that's against standard procedure for a police detective moving in to arrest a suspect.

Reviewed by rick-16339 10 / 10


Well written and well acted. Enjoyable from start to finish. Pop the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.

Reviewed by jansboxx 1 / 10


The warmth between Maggie and Henry was gone. I know Maggie was supposed to be mad at him for not sharing more of his personal life, but their chemistry was DOA. Not to mention movie flaws. When Maggie and Henry go into the barn to talk with a suspect, Maggie is wearing spiked heels. When they walk out to find Colin, she is wearing flats. Contrary to what producers and directors think, the TV audience is not stupid. We pick up on all of these bloopers and it really makes television shows and movies look cheap. Im my opinion the Gourmet Detective series is done. They would have to do some real CPR on it to try and save it. I loved the first 3 but really disappointed with this one.

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