The Gilded Cage

2013 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 9751

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Joaquim de Almeida as José Ribeiro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christophe92300 7 / 10

Very enjoyable

Let's say it first, members of the Portuguese community will probably like this movie more than the average viewer, particularly regarding all the little details (verbal tics for example). But is it really abnormal for that type of movie ?

In this sense, it must be noted that Ruben Alves, to his credit, managed to depict this community with sincerity, accuracy and tenderness. The gallery of characters, from the main to the supporting, is outstanding and perfectly played by all the actors (to think Rita Blanco didn't speak French before shooting is incredible !).

The plot is very classic, but the quality of the dialogues, actors and mise-en-scène easily compensate for this lack of originality and make La Cage Dorée a very enjoyable movie.

Reviewed by thefadingcam 8 / 10

Great directing on a humorous portrait of two generations of emigrants

The most successful movie of the year so far in Portugal and France, La Cage Dorée is a dramatic like comedy about a Portuguese family emigrated in France for 30 years. Ruben Alves, the director, is himself the son of a Portuguese couple emigrated in France, being La Cage Dorée an homage to his own parents. And what an homage! La Cage Dorée is the perfect depiction of that generation of Portuguese emigrants, the hard working, humble and low self esteemed employees that refuse to forget the simple things they love in Portugal, such as good food, beer, football and even gossip. Having a part of my family emigrated in France as well, I was astonished by how accurate and real this representation was, mixing french and Portuguese in the dialog. Plus the gap between french-Portuguese youth and this older generation is masterfully recreated, being hard to find anyone in the audience that would not connect with this movie. The characters are rich and detailed, with very good interpretations, particularly by Rita Blanco with a character that will reach you. The directing goes well with the line of modern french cinema of the likes of François Ozon, with beautiful photography, great picture plans and a very fine dose of European humor. La Cage Dorée was indeed a very positive surprise, standing as a role model for Portuguese and even french movies to come. Visit thefadingcam blog for more!

Reviewed by aaraujo-112-303363 10 / 10

A pleasant surprise

La cage dorée it's an accurate portrayal of the Portuguese emigrant without all the drama, setbacks and sacrifices of other cinematic approaches. The story is simple, fun and realistic. The film is set in Paris, but it could have been set in any of the countries where there's a Portuguese emigrant, because that's exactly how they are: hardworking people, dreaming about their home country but loving the host country nonetheless. Pity that the linguistic puns will probably go unnoticed to non-Portuguese speakers, as well as the cultural mix-ups that more often than not mistake the Portuguese for the Spanish which, again, are absolutely true. The film is delightful and very entertaining. Congratulations to Ruben Alves, I'll be looking forward to watching more of his work.

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