The Giant


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.1 10 227

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Odessa Young as Charlotte
Madelyn Cline as Olivia
Danny Ramirez as Brady
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 6 / 10

Fascinating but frustrating failure

I really wanted to like this movie which incredibly has gotten many of the elements of a great movie right. Odessa Young borders on mesmerizing as Charlotte , the cinematography , while on the dark side, is perfect, the atmosphere, the realistic portrayal of teens in a small town as high school comes to an end, all of it is perfection. The problem is, maybe inspired by "It Follows" but even less coherent, David Raboy has created a film that throws so many questions at you and answers none of them. With all he got right, this does not make for a satisfying movie watching experience. After watching it awhile I just knew none of it was going to be explained although a question is posed in the movie that may be the secret to whole thing. It really is a shame because the performances are excellent, the recreation of this time in a teenagers life are dead-on , the sound effects and soundtrack are used in ways that bring the movie up but what was this really about ? It's a shame that more film makers, maybe trying to get noticed for their "art" ,have decided to create these visually stunning movies that leave you wondering "what did I just watch ?"

Reviewed by crystalst1 7 / 10

Not your average thriller

This isn't the usual teen scream movie. It's not even your usual teen movie either. It's a disturbing, uncomfortable look into the psyche of one teen in a dead end town. It's stylish and well-done. It left me uncomfortable and wondering, and I enjoyed it and couldn't look away the entire movie.

Reviewed by haunt_freak 1 / 10

Without A Doubt The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen

"The Giant" is a teen drama without the drama. It has zero plot whatsoever. Just a bunch of sad teens wandering around not doing much of anything. The ending, if you can call it that, makes zero sense. This steaming heap of crap is just a bunch of random ideas thrown together. The worst part is, you can tell the movie thinks it's a lot smarter than it actually is. The dialogue is lame and not believable coming out of what's supposed to be a high school senior's mouth. It's filled with lines that a 15-year-old would write in a story, read back to himself, and think, "Man that's so deep." Avoid this movie at all costs and save your hour and 40 minutes.

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