The Concubine

2012 [KOREAN]

Drama / History / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1613

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Yeo-jeong Jo as Hwa-Yeon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 8 / 10

Not The Movie I Was Expecting

You would think this movie is solely a movie about two guys wanting the same woman and being willing to do anything to have her. While this is a part of the film it is only a small part of a much larger drama that has much more to do with mothers.

The title is a bit confusing and I can only assume that it was named such due to a "Spilling the Beans" moment in the film. There is sex but not in the volumes that one might expect by the title.

The acting was quite well and I could really feel the emotional energy from the female characters coming through. It was filmed well but the scripting was convoluted in places and could've been delivered just as well with a few things omitted.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. I liked our female characters and the obsessive nature, be it fueled by jealousy, lust or revenge, of the males. Glad I found and watched it and I will be recommending it as a nice work of dramatic historical fiction.

Reviewed by forlornnesssickness 8 / 10

The Concubine: A deadly power game in the palace

Unlike the recent South Korean period dramas, the movie has a notable anachronistic feeling. It seems its background is the Joseon dynasty(1392-1910) considering the design of architectures in the film, but there is also the influences from the Goryeo dynasty(918-1392) in the characters' costumes and other details. They behave like the people living during the Joseon dynasty, but, as far as I know, there was not any incident during that period which can possibly inspire the lurid story of the film, and I have never heard about the king's mother presiding over the copulation ritual of her son and daughter-in-law in the next room.

But, despite its fictional world, the ruthless pursuit of power in the palace is a familiar story you have encountered in other stories. The king is dead due to an unidentified cause, and the king's mother(Park Ji-yeong), who is actually his stepmother, now holds the power to decide who will be the next king. She quickly puts her own son, Prince Seong- won(Kim Dong-wuk), on the throne, and she also swiftly eliminates her opponents including the previous king's father-in-law.

In such a circumstance like that, the previous king's wife, Hwa-yeon(Cho Yeo-jeong), naturally has lots of worry about not only her future and but also her young son's future. He is just a child at present, but this innocent kid is already deemed as a potential threat to the kingship, and he can be killed at any time if the king's mother and her followers have a chance to get a good reason for that. Some of South Korean audiences have never heard of Lady MacBeth or Richard III, but they will be reminded of several bloody incidents during the Joseon dynasty or other dynasties preceding that. King Danjong of the Joseon dynasty was dethroned by his uncle, who became the next king, and then this young boy was killed later when he was thought to be too much of trouble(believe or not, it was said that this horrific decision was strongly supported by his great uncle). In case of Prince Young-Chang, he was murdered by King Gwanghaegun of the Joseon dynasty just because he was a more legitimate heir to the throne than the king himself. Anything could be committed for absolute power in those days, you know.

Unlike his ruthless mother, Prince Seong-won has other thoughts about his sister-in-law, and we know why. While he was merely a prince, he met her in her father's house, and he has been obsessed with her since then. His mother already sets him up with the other woman as his queen when he becomes the king, but he still wants Hwa-yeon in spite of his mother's warning. It may be not that bad to sleep with the deceased brother's wife(well, he is the king, isn't he?), but it can be fatal to sleep with someone who can threaten the power.

The situation becomes more complicated after another player of this dangerous game of palace intrigue appears in the palace. His name is Kwon-yoo(Kim Dong-wuk), who was Hwa-yeon's former lover in the past. When he tried to elope with Hwa-yeon before she was sent to the place as the previous king's new wife, he was captured and castrated by Hwa- yeon's father, and now he enters the palace as one of new eunuchs. While he is quickly promoted enough to be near the king, he becomes also a little closer to Hwa-yeon though he lacks a certain body part crucial for rekindling their feelings in the past. Can she trust him as a close ally? And does she really have some feelings for him as he guesses?

You never can be sure about them because of the understated but competent performances by Jo Yeo-jeong and Kim Min-joon. Revealing real feelings in the palace can be a fatal blow to your fate, and they must hide their emotions and thoughts as much as possible to survive. Jo Yeo- jeong is good as a woman who gradually becomes as ruthless and cunning as her enemies through her need to survive. When she comes to know that the king wants her, she see it as an opportunity to win the game, and she is determined to manipulate him to turn against her devious mother- in-law.

Meanwhile, clueless and reckless Guem-OK(Cho Eun-ji), a maid who has served for Hwa-yeon, finds herself in a serious situation way over her head. She is forced to copulate with the king when he is very frustrated over his desire toward Hwa-yeon, and we can say that she is virtually raped, but, what do you know, she feels a lot better to see her changed position as one of the king's concubines. Unfortunately, while intoxicated with her newly gained power, she does not have the slightest idea about how dangerous the power game can be between the women in the palace.

The king's mother is the most powerful and dangerous player in this perilous game, and Park Ji-young gives a juicy villainous performance which ably supplies grand gestures whenever they are required. The king's mother has probably done many terrible things for protecting his son and making the throne ready for him, but it is not easy for her to resist the power behind the throne – and now her dear son is becoming one of the major blocks in her grand plan.

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 6 / 10

Don't mess with something that is sacred...

The problem with this movie is that it goes in a complex and jumbled direction and some parts of it lead to hardly anything all that effective. The cinematography and acting is good and some parts are just cruel which leaves a bit of a impression on how things worked during the Joseon Dynasty. When it comes to males their manhood means just about everything to them(well for most men at least) and their pride comes from the length of it all. Even when they compete it comes down to their ego which is basically a penis measuring competition. The plot contrived of something more than what it is. And when it comes down to it the moral of this movie is to never mess with a man's penis or you will face the consequences. As comedic as that sounds that is basically the message of this movie although everything is a bit jumbled. Besides the penis aspect of it all it sort of reminded me of the 2010 Korean movie "The Servant" which Jo Yeo-Jeong who is the lead actress in this was part of. Because both movies are erotic and sexual while dealing with the distance a man would go for their love or the person they lust over. While also dealing with a person that is constantly getting in the way of if all. So the plot in this is basically about a woman that tries to save his lover's life when they decided to run away together and get caught. And thus she volunteers to become a concubine for the king in order to save her lover's life. But soon a bunch of conspiracies happen in the palace when the king passes away and the prince is in love well in lust over the concubine way before she became a concubine and finds her in the palace before the king's death. And during the conspiracy the queen who is very cruel and cold gets involved as well. And there is constant arguing and conflict between the selfish prince and the tyrant queen because of the concubine. And later the concubine finds her previous lover but is shocked to know he has become a eunuch. So yeah this movie is quite a plot but besides few slightly shocking and erotic scenes nothing really makes this movie stand out. After the movie is finished nothing much about is memorable and the plot just doesn't stick. The plot isn't bad, in fact some parts of it is actually quite well written but there really isn't anything special about it and is unfocused as times. When it comes down to the core of it all besides the whole penis thing, is that just about all the characters in this act for their own self interest...I guess somethings never change. I give this movie a 6 because the climax slightly upgraded this movie.


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