The Breed


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 2567

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Bokeem Woodbine as Steve Grant
Bai Ling as Lucy Westenra
Adrian Paul as Aaron Gray
Reed Diamond as Phil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbsjrx 6 / 10

A truly bizarre film

I don't quite know what to say about "The Breed". It has a serviceable plot compromised by an alternate reality setting. The plot is straightforward enough - vampires and humans attempting to peacefully coexist and a series of murders which may be either a rogue vampire or a more sinister political plot to derail the process. The players are all decent (OK, perhaps Adrian Paul lays it on a little thick), and there are sufficient twists and turns to provide some sense of mystery and/or suspense. To its credit, the characters are well developed and you actually come to care about some of them. It even features a surprisingly engaging romance subplot. How much you can enjoy it, though, depends on how you react to the setting.

The setting appears to be an alternate reality version of current-day America. Some scenes confuse the issue by suggesting a European setting, but that doesn't explain the presence of an obviously American black detective. The vibe is strongly influenced by Orwell's "1984". Although references are made to historical events such as race relations in the 60's, WWII, Nazis and the Holocaust, the sense of reality is severely compromised by the setting. TVs all appear to be B&W sets from the 50's and automotive design seems to have stopped evolving in the 40's. Stylistically, it's quite similar to "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" - and that's not a compliment in this case since it's obviously not supposed to be a period piece as "Sky Captain" was. The scenes inside NSA headquarters especially were highly reminiscent of both the 1984 film adaptation of "1984" as well as several "Twilight Zone" episodes.

I should also add that I have only seen an edited for TV version broadcast on the SciFi channel. Some other reviews here suggest that the unedited version has some plot problems unrelated to the editing process.

Did I enjoy it? Not tremendously, although I did have a grudging appreciation for the audacity of how it was handled. Notably, it presents an interesting and unique version of the entire vampire mythos. Would I recommend it? Not necessarily. As I said, I feel somewhat conflicted about it. I rated it 6 out of 10 and have tried to explain that vote as much as possible. If what I've said hasn't put you off, then give it a try...

Reviewed by Rabensblut 10 / 10

This is not Blade copy but a good vampire flick

I love this film. Somebody wrote that this is a copy of Matrix and Blade - You fool, the idea of a special virus deadly only to vamps was used in here, not in Blade. On the contrary Blade Trinity took this idea later. Somebody wrote that they have Russianlike uniforms - hey can U imagine a vampire movie with starwars like costumes - me not.These uniforms fit in the place. I just want to open your eyes and tell the truth - the name of the club was Pravda - that means in my language the truth - and the truth is that this film was very original and interesting and I can tell U I seen lotsa Vamp flicks, this one rules. And if U like the films like Blade full of poor action and dialogues U will never understand this film. Here it is no - comeonyoudamnedbloodsuckeriwillkickyourass- here U have a good and original idea that is what makes this film 10/10

Reviewed by jfwhelan 3 / 10

Okay, so it was pretty dreadful—but still, I sort of enjoyed it!

Like the curate's egg' this film was good in parts, but they weren't very big parts.

I have always enjoyed the twist associated with 'good vampires' and I guess I am still waiting for a film to properly use it.

This film was too outré and grotesque (in the original meaning of the word) for it to have worked as anything other than an over-the-top dance-macabre of a film; a sort of Grand Guinol of the film world. Unfortunately it never really achieved this distinction and instead we are left with a mishmash of themes and failed attempts at being something that it never quite achieved.

The script and the acting were pretty deplorable and the direction was anything but tight, though still one can sort of envisage what was intended; and those stolen fleeting glimpses serve to supply enough motive to keep watching. In the end this continued attention is utterly frustrating, since the ending manages to further let one down and, indeed, the rest of the film.

I don't say 'Don't watch this film!' I would, however, warn you to keep you expectation low, and not to be too surprised if it fails to live up to them.

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