The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina


Action / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Musical

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 537

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Elijah Wood as Tom Thumb
Rachel Griffiths as Albertine
Peter Gallagher as The Mole King
Bebe Neuwirth as Thumbelina's mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

It was cute, but...

...personally I didn't find it all that great. It had some cute and funny moments, and in general a decent vocal cast, but... the story and animation, in my opinion that is could've been better. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale and I love the story of tom thumb, plus I have loved animation for as long I can remember so upon hearing The Adventures of tom thumb and Thumbelina didn't seem too bad. Also I am one of those people who actually likes the Don Bluth film Thumbelina, it is not an absolute favourite and had some problems but I for one found it enjoyable.

The Adventures of tom thumb and Thumbelina isn't all bad though. The biggest strength is the character of Thumbelina. If there is one thing I prefer here above the Don Bluth film, it is how Thumbelina is portrayed here. As much as I love Jodi Benson who voiced Thumbelina in Don Bluth's film, I much prefer her as Ariel. Thumbelina was cute in the Don Bluth film but nothing more. This Thumbelina has spent years of people telling her what to do, she speaks with authority, she is independent and knows what she wants plus she gets to make her own choices at the end. This Thumbelina had spunk and determination. Another key pro was the voice over of Jennifer Love Hewitt, she sings beautifully and it suits the character well. She starred in Garfield and Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, neither of which were particularly good, but Jennifer was one of the redeeming qualities of both films, she has a very endearing personality and I think it comes through when she voices Thumbelina. Thirdly, the song I am so all Alone, a beautiful, poignant lament beautifully sung, easily one of the more memorable songs of the film if no Let Me Be Your Wings. Peter Gallagher seems to be having fun as the Mole King, a character that can be sinister but also funny, even if he quotes a considerable amount of Richard III throughout the course of the film and Robert Guillaume while his role is brief is touching. Jon Stewart is not bad at all as Godfrey, I am not that fond of the character, but Stewart's vocal was above decent.

Alas, there are some assets that don't work. One is that I personally don't think the animation is that great. The backgrounds and colours are shoddy at times, and some of the characters's sizes keep changing, especially the Mole King who seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every time he appeared. While I am so all Alone is beautiful, the other songs aren't as memorable. Welcome to my hole was entertaining, but it didn't stick in my head for long, and Cha Cha Cha while cute was forgettable. Though it was nice to hear Brad Kane again, apart from starting off key he sounded charming. Then there is the story, I loved the premise and it started off fine, but the pacing was uneven and there were times where too long was spent on not-so-important scenes. The dialogue isn't anything noteworthy, it has some humorous and sweet moments but there are also parts that are cringe worthy. Then there is the case of Elijah Wood. I think tom was a cute character, and I felt sorry for him because he was ridiculed for his size. However, Wood was less than convincing voicing him, so tom's personality felt somewhat bland. Maybe I am being biased as I don't care for Wood that much, he has given some decent performances but not anything that I would rave about.

Overall, it was cute and Jennifer Love Hewitt was great, but the film on the whole is not. 5/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by molinagrn 6 / 10

In writing and characters, I think it is a little more stronger than Don Bluth's Thumbelina.

I watched this movie on a DVD that had other kid movies like Hugo and Alligator Pie (think that's what it's called?) and I found this movie. I grew up with the Don Bluth version Thumbelina, but rewatching it now the story is not very good with how pushed over, constantly crying she can't do the impossible until the end of the movie, and she is used and tossed around until her friends step in, as well as the annoying characters like Jacquimo that aren't any better. Even though the movie is beautiful with how talented Don Bluth is with his hand in animation, the movie is a mess with its pacing and structure in plot. So I was curious about this version of Thumbelina.

After watching it, I don't think it's that bad as people are saying it to be. It does have a slight problem with being forgettable in some areas like the visuals, some songs (which I was surprised to see more than three on the actual soundtrack, must've forgotten the rest.) and also plot points in its delivery but there are still things it did do right.

One example is the Thumbelina in this movie ISNT A PUSHOVER! That was something I disliked about the Don Bluth version is how Thumbelina just took things and acted so self-pitying all the time. It's fine to have her like that in the beginning but gradually believe in herself but she doesn't. Thumbelina here grows up in a more abusive home in the circus after the ring master snatched her up from her village as a baby, she has had enough about being put down by those around her or deciding her life. When she hears about the chance there is a place she belongs with people like her, she says she can do it and pushes to escape. She does still have doubt about her worth and place in the world but it's brief and doesn't deter her from pushing herself to achieve. I love that. Not the bubbly Thumbelina from Don Bluth but at least she had more substance. Thumbelina even has some flaws as well which her friend/love interest Tom Thumb help her overcome it. I give props for recreating her character to be stronger.

I like Tom Thumb too here in this movie, he's someone who tries and he has some optimism and quirky awkwardness. So I like him a bit too. There is also Albertine, a bird that is saved by Thumbelina. I think she's sweet and I am sad that she was somewhat forgotten in this but I like her portrayal better than Jacquimo. She's also given a reason of why she can't fly Thumbelina, because she was kidnapped as a chick and never got to learn. Even with that, Albertine still /tries/ when they are in danger. With Jacquimo kept forgetting or Thumbelina was too daft to see she can get on his back and fly back home, so thank god they at least have a reason of why Albertine can't fly out in the beginning but learns over time in the movie.

I also like the reincorporation of Thumbelina's trauma with others that try to put her down, like the Mole King telling her that she's a reject like him just like the circus master, to which she protests against. Speaking of the Mole King, he is put as a main antagonist in the movie along with his two minions who fool him. I think the Mole King is a decent villain here. He has a comical, seemingly chill nature but is also fine with taking out his subjects and has a short temper with things. It was entertaining to see.

I also liked how the contrast in how Thumbelina and Tom Thumb grew up. I think the portrayal of Thumbelina's abusive home life is pretty spot on. And I love Tom being raised by Ben. The moments they had were so sweet and their goodbye to I assume because Ben is getting older and will most likely pass away soon (which how he said "I'll be going somewhere and.. you can't come with me.." I think that's what he was talking about) it was very touching.

There are a few problems with the movie. Like the plot is a little too basic at times or just kind of happens with little reason. Some moments are forgettable, even a few songs. I did like "I'm All Alone" song and the reprise of it, even the Mole King song but the rest were generic sounding and not that interesting. I think they should've built up the arrival to the town of little people (not sure they weren't fairies in this but oh well) because it just felt tacked on after escaping the Mole King. Also the bugs were pretty annoying and not sure why they were so integrated with the main cast to the end but oh well.

If this movie had more interesting visuals and fixed the problems above, I would put this as one of my favorite movies. I still enjoy it for trying and doing a few things right with its story, but I think it's just okay over all. It could've been better and I've been thinking on how to make it of better quality in a rewrite, since it has the potential.

Reviewed by dcjc 6 / 10

Compared to the likes of "Rings", "Chihiro" and "Belleville", this is completely downright FORGETTABLE.

It was but two and a half years ago that I saw an ad for this Miramax/Hyperion straight-to-DVD release on TV. From what I saw in it, I hoped it was nice and looked forward to it.

Then, on the morning of Sunday, February 20th, at noon, it premiered on the Disney Channel. Still expecting something nice, I gave it my best shot...

And what can I say? From the looks of things, DTV cartoons don't get any much worse than this...

It's such a living shame that the studio who brought a talking toaster and his friends to the world in the 80's--by that I mean Hyperion--is setting its standards down in this horrible marriage of two famous fairy tales. The animation is the most cheaply-made I have ever encountered, some of the lines are among the industry's bluest, and the musical rampage--well, what can I ever think about that?--is just forgettable.

The film suffers mainly in its two biggest problems:

1) Elijah Wood--aka Frodo the Hobbit--starring as Tom, among all people?! As miscast as "The Wiz's" Diana Ross playing a grown-up Dorothy, and "Hook's" Robin Williams in the role of (ironically) the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan. Why couldn't they get anyone younger than that?

2) Just how on earth can two people, who have never met each other, reunite?!! One of the biggest plot holes ever discovered in a cartoon. ( have been WARNED!!!)

Even puzzling is the participation of Bebe Neuwirth from "All Dogs 2", as Thumbelina's mom, and..."America" author Jon Stewart?

So, for those before me who have watched it, I urge you to steer clear of this mess, and stick with either the 1994 Don Bluth version of "Thumbelina", or MGM's 1959 adaptation of "tom thumb"!

ALSO RECOMMENDED: Pirates of the Caribbean 1, the LOTR trilogy, The Triplets of Belleville, Sen to Chihiro... (Spirited Away), Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias, The Brave Little Toaster, and the Shrek films.

6\10 -- A good watch for all its detestable worth, but (unless you're under age 5 and don't have any good sense of Hollywood) not worth watching again in your lifetime.

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