Tam Cam: The Untold Story


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 283

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Veronica Ngo as The Stepmother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phanthinga 6 / 10

Keep trying Vietnam someday we will get there

Tam Cam The Untold Story is another massive budget movie from VietNam roughly based on the fairy tale Tam Cam in tradition of the Cinderella story.I dunno which one is the original when Cinderella story already a part of modern day pop culture but as long as I can remember Tam Cam is like the go-to tales for the old generation when they want to inspire the young one to do more good deeds and just like any fairy tale in the world there can be no good without evil so Tam Cam The Untold Story follow the formula almost step by step with the addition of kung-fu,bad CG monsters and cringe dialogue.I know all the stuff I just list there seem like the standard of the new spin on an old tale movies Disney love to chunk out nowadays and personally I think it a good ideal cause it make the movie at least more interesting in both good/bad ways but in this case Tam Cam The Untold Story move toward the bad side more.The pacing is utterly terrible when the whole movie last almost 2 hours when it can be 1 hours and a half and you still don't miss anything.The acting is passable but sometimes it can be very annoying and the bad comedic timing make me quit watching but still finish later on after I distract myself by telling how bad the movie is in the first 35 minutes to my brother.It get real fun in the final arc with the big battle scene and the hilarious Werewolf vs Scorpion like thingy that make the movie worth to check out at least one for me.Tam Cam The Untold Story hit jackpot in VietNam when it make back triple the budget and I'm not gonna lie when I'm telling you VietNam movie industry need this kind of movie one in a while to remind me how potential it is if one day they find the right script and better actors.Btw this movie came out in 2016 which mean I'm kinda late for the party but I'm sure hell not let Hai Phuong the new action movie starring Veronica Ngo or Ngo Thanh Van the director of Tam Cam who also kind of Michelle Yeoh in term of badass female actor in my country

Reviewed by phamductri 8 / 10

Fairy tale with a twist

Tam Cam is a Vietnamese fairy tale with superficial similarity to Cinderella in the West. This movie retell Tam Cam story with a modern twist. Many nuances from the original story changes, with an added fantasy story arc to explain the comeback of Tam, and the downfall of Cam. Very nice plot for a traditional story.

Reviewed by nguyenphan 9 / 10

Great plot and great acting by the main leads. CGI is distracting

The story is gripping and def a lot darker than your average cinderella story. The acting of the main leading is convincing. the actor that stood out to be the most was the step mom. CGI def needs some imrovement. Overall, worth watching and def very entertaining!

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