Summer of 85

2020 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 3590

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Melvil Poupaud as M. Lefèvre
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 7 / 10

A Whirlwind Tragedy

I have never read or heard of the book this was based on so I didn't really no what to expect.

I was really impressed. Especially with the romance aspect of this movie. It was really whirlwind-y and you felt wrapped up in it and along for the ride with the characters. I think this was in part to the actors. They were fantastic and really emotive.

I think the film lets its self down right at the start by showing a flash forward. I really hate this troupe in movies and I think it undercuts the story. You are waiting for the penny to drop. I get that this can add tension and a sombreness to the movie but I think that I would have been much more invested if I didn't know what was going to happen.

It didn't ruin the movie for me because like I said the romance is done so well and the costuming and filmmaking are incredible. It really feels like an 80's movie.

Reviewed by MarcoParzivalRocha 7 / 10

Summer love is always a painful love

Normandy, 1985. Alexis and David begin an unlikely friendship after an incident at sea. The story telling is interesting, François Ozon style, the typical plot to appeal for feelings and emotions, but that sometimes (as is the case in this film) falls too much into the melodramatic. There's nothing mind blowing, or double-sided characters, it is a simple summer love story, where there's a side of innocence and illusion about the first love to contrast with a rebellious and non-conformist side, of fleeting relationships. The aesthetics and sonority perfectly captures the 80's vibe, in a fantastic 16mm film. Those who liked 'Call Me by Your Name' will certainly like 'Été 85', given the similarities and inspirations that the director sought after Luca Guadagnino's great success. The protagonists have talent, and above all, chemistry, essential for a film of this kind to work. It's a nice way to end the (strange) summer of 2020.

Reviewed by chong_an 8 / 10

Beautifully shot summer love

In the title summer, on a beach town, two teenage boys meet while sailing and fall in love. The story is told mostly by way of an essay that recounts the events of the summer, which allows for selective disclosures (or not). Right at the start of the film, we know something bad has happened, but it takes most of the movie to find out what and why.

The young actors are natural, and the cinematography is gorgeous. Being set in 1985, I suppose it can't end in "getting married and living happily ever after", but there is maturity and hope.

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