Stealing Harvard


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 12533

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November 27, 2020 at 07:23 AM


Leslie Mann as Elaine Warner
Nick Offerman as Electrician
Jason Lee as John Plummer
John C. McGinley as Detective Charles
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1 hr 25 min
P/S 1 / 5

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mr_Censored 5 / 10

An okay way to kill 80 minutes.

The plot is as simple as the film itself: John (Jason Lee) once made a promise to his niece that if she ever got accepted to college, he would pay her way. When the time arrives, he finds himself broke, and resorts to asking his loser buddy, Duff (Tom Green), for help. Clichés and hi-jinks ensue.

The film is surprisingly sterilized, especially when you consider its two stars: Jason Lee, a Kevin Smith alum, and Tom Green, the gross-out king who wrote, directed and starred in "Freddy Got Fingered." Lee is likable and congenial, if a bit soft, while Green relies more on physical humor and less on substance. He utters a few humorous lines here and there, but he is, in essence, just a prop. There are several other talented comedic actors such as Leslie Mann ("Big Daddy"), Megan Mullally (TV's "Will & Grace"), John C. McGinley (TV's "Scrubs") and of course, the amazing Martin Starr (TV's "Freaks & Geeks") who help keep the film fresh and funny, but unfortunately there's just not enough of them. The film is stacked with great and hilarious actors, but rarely takes advantage of this fact. As far as the humor goes, it forgoes the gross-out comedy of the time in an effort to yield rather tame and inoffensive results. And in its brief 82 minutes, it works. "Stealing Harvard" is hardly a classic, but if one were to sit down on a dead Sunday afternoon, kick back and relax with few expectations, it works. You'll likely get a few solid chuckles out of it, and it's innocent and simplistic plot makes for a good "turning off the brain" time.

Reviewed by JohnnyPistols 8 / 10

Great Movie

While no this movie is not as great as some of it's other counterparts, it does hold it's own. Jason Lee is brilliant in his role as an uncle who has promised both his niece the money for her college education at Harvard and his girlfriend money for a house together. Of course he enlists his friend, Tom Green, to help him get the money anyway he can. Including robbery and breaking and entering. There are some truly funny moments in this film (especially the ones with the widower) and it is quite amusing for a good laugh. Jason Lee and Tom Green do make quite an...interesting comedy team. Not one of the greats, I'm sure, but funny enough to keep the film going. Dennis Farrina as Lee's boss and soon to be father in law gives a great performance in this as he tries to catch Lee at anything and everything.Definitely recommended for a night when you need a laugh and nothing good is on.

Reviewed by allar100 5 / 10

Not too bad.

I saw this movie because Tom Green and Jason Lee was in it. I know that that doesn't really gaurentee anything, seeing as how they both have a spotted track record. Anyway, it wasn't horrible, and I guess it had its moments of decent laughter, but it wasn't all that great. Nothing to spectacular here, but what did you expect.

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